Top 10 Fashion and Beauty Posts of 2014

top ten fashion and beauty posts 2014

Readers, today’s post is for, and because of, you. Thank you for your support and for participating in our rating system at the bottom of each post.

Your feedback is important because it tells me which posts you like or don’t like. 2014 was my first full year blogging and I am constantly looking for ways to be better. That’s why your feedback matters.

Based on readers’ feedback on our rating scale for each post, here are the top 10 fashion and beauty posts of 2014.

10. Extend the Life of a Haircut



9. Outfits for Thanksgiving Dinner



8. Flower Inspired Fashion


7. New Years Eve Looks


6. Oscars Inspired Fashion


5. Six Powder Blush Reviews


4. Halloween Inspired Fashion


3. Swimsuit Tips for Every Occasion


2. Help Me Find My Perfect Lipstick Color


1. One Look, 3 Pays: Pink Pleated Midi Skirt


I’m often amazed by the people we reach on this blog, literally people from all over the world. I want to create content that engages and inspires you, so please comment below and let me know how I’m doing.

What was your favorite fashion or beauty post this year?

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