Oscars Inspired Fashion Looks

oscars-inspired-fashion-titleIt’s nearly impossible to avoid Oscars talk this time of year. Most media outlets are discussing which movies and actors won awards and what the stars wore.

I’ll admit my favorite part is the pre-show covering the Oscars fashion. I love staring at the glamorous women in their gorgeous dresses, dripping in diamonds.

Since the entertainment industry inspires fashion, I thought it would be fun to create Oscars inspired fashion looks for some of the movies nominated for best picture. Here are four of the nominated movies and looks I created with aspects of each movie as inspiration.


oscars-inspired-fashion-gravityIn my mind, space travel conjures images of futuristic space suits, aliens and matrix-type apparel. Plus, a woman traveling in space is pretty bad-ass. With my space images in mind paired with a strong female figure, I came up with this look. Metallics are a major trend this spring and these structured and geometric pieces really mimic strength and modernity.

Dress | Shoes | Clutch | Bracelet

American Hustle

oscars-inspired-fashion-hustleAmerican Hustle featured the ever-popular 1970’s fashion, which never quite goes out of style. The spring 2014 runways were crowded with 70’s inspired necklines, high waisted pants, and safari-inspired fashions. This look captures the best of 70’s fashion with a safari jacket, modern animal print top, wide leg high waisted pants, chunky wedge heels and a lariat necklace.

Jacket | Top | Pants | Shoes | Necklace

Dallas Buyer’s Club


A stereotype or not, when I think of Dallas, I envision ten gallon hats, leather, fringe, denim and large belt buckles. Western-inspired fashion is having a resurgence in 2014 with both Rodarte and Michael Kors showing cowgirl style in their 2014 shows. Here is my updated version of western-chic with a fringed top, washed out jeans, modern denim and leather jacket, studded cowboy booties and a turquoise ring.

Top | Jeans | Jacket | Boots | Ring

Wolf of Wall Street

oscars-inspired-fashion-wolfWall Street businesses require professional and often buttoned up dress. But business suits don’t have to be dull. I’ve previously talked about ways to repurpose a black suit and also discussed chic suits for professional women. This look shows how working women can look fresh and stylish even in the most professional work environments, like Wall Street (a bracelet that resembles handcuffs is just a cheeky way to allude to the movie).

Suit | Shoes | Bag | Bracelet

Did you watch the Oscars last night? What was your favorite movie? More importantly, which stars would you put on the best dressed list?



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