Practical or Posh? Black White Striped Pumps

pop-black-white-striped-pumpsThis spring, pairing black and white is one of the major fashion trends. The best part about the black and white trend is just how easy it is to embrace. Adding interesting shoes, like these black white striped pumps, to your wardrobe is the simplest way to try out a new trend and enliven your wardrobe.

The Paul Andrew black white striped pumps are showstoppers with their graphic stripes and interesting geometric cutouts. Although a pretty penny, you are paying for expensive materials, like the silk uppers and leather lining. At less than 10% of the price, the Cosmopolitan black white striped pumps are a great option, if you don’t mind sacrificing the quality of materials and craftsmanship.

Whichever pair you choose, they will undoubtedly give your outfit a pop. Have you tried the black and white trend this spring? I’d love to hear how you’re rocking it!

Cosmopolitan – $39.99

Paul Andrew – $645

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