Meet Stacey Freeman

Hi, I’m Stacey Freeman

I’m Stacey Freeman, Ph.D. – a lifestyle blogger, author, style maven, handbag & shoe collector, travel enthusiast, baker, and wanna-be foodie. I am also a university educator with a Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Evaluation.

I started Posh in Progress in 2013 after becoming a first-time mom. My blog serves as both a creative outlet and a way for me to keep my sense of self. I am a Wisconsin girl who currently lives in Los Angeles.

Making Posh Practical

Stacey Freeman created Posh In Progress over 9 years ago, as a lifestyle blog meant to capture simple and sensible ways to live a more stylish life. I hope to inspire my audience to define their own personal style by sharing my practical approaches to fashion, beauty, food, travel, and family.

I enjoy collaborating with innovative brands and helping companies connect with their target consumers by providing my audience with the best solutions for living efficient, stylish, and fulfilling lives.



Green Bay, WI

Favorite cereal as a kid:

Marshmallow Rice Krispies (why did they stop making these?!)

Favorite crayon color:


Worst/Most embarrassing CD I own:

The first Backstreet Boys album

What I wanted to be when I grew up:

A teacher (I’m kinda doing that :)).

Weirdest food I’ve eaten:

Alligator (it’s so delicious!)

Food I’d hate to give up:

Peanut butter (especially when it comes with chocolate)

The place I’d like to instantly transport:

Italy. My grandparents immigrated from there and I want to live there someday.


Contact Stacey

Head over to my social media channels, send me a DM, leave me a comment, or send me an email so we can connect! My content varies a bit on each channel and I’m always looking for new ways to connect with my audience. Please feel free to reach out.

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