7 Easy Ways to Exercise When You Travel

I travel a lot for work, which I really enjoy. The only downfall of traveling a lot, besides not seeing my kids for several days, is the lack of routine that comes with traveling. It can be hard to eat right and exercise while on the road, but it is not impossible. Recently, I was… [Read More]

The Most Tantalizing Pear and Gorgonzola Salad

My absolute favorite salad is a pear and gorgonzola salad with a light lemon vinaigrette dressing. I recently had lunch with friends at one of our favorite lunch spots, Postino, and after having their mixed green salad, I knew I had to try to replicate it on my own. This pear and gorgonzola salad is… [Read More]

The Best Full Coverage Swimsuits Under $50

It’s already in the 90s in Phoenix, so our pool is becoming more and more tempting. I generally like to find a new swimsuit every summer. It almost feels like a rite of passage, like it signals the true start of summer or something. Where to Find Great Deals on Swimsuits I’m always on the… [Read More]

This is What Happens When Brother and Sister Share a Bedroom

We moved our kids into the same bedroom last weekend. With a brother and sister sharing a room for the first time, you could probably imagine this week has been very long for everyone. Yes, some of the reasons why this transition has been a little trying may be obvious, but others may not. Why… [Read More]

5 Tips You Need to Know on How to Dress for a Wedding

Are You Ready for Wedding Season? According to Brides.com, wedding season begins in the spring and ends in the fall, generally. So, do you know how to dress for a wedding? There are some unwritten rules and social norms that you should at least be aware of. Therefore, I’ve put together some great tips to… [Read More]

The Doralto: The Little Known Alternative to the Margarita

Why Do We Need an Alternative to the Margarita? We started thinking about what would be a nice alternative to the margarita because Cinco De Mayo is around the corner. It’s a relatively big deal here in Arizona. The Mexican celebration of the Battle of Puebla has been effectively appropriated into an eating and drinking… [Read More]

Beautiful Things to See in Washington DC in Springtime

Thanks for the visit DC! 💕 It was fun to get a glimpse of the Cherry Blossom Fest, even if I missed the actual blooms. #DC #traveltuesday #ttot #tmom A photo posted by Stacey Freeman (@poshinprogress) on Apr 12, 2016 at 4:54pm PDT Last week, I had the opportunity to experience Washington DC in springtime. I’ve… [Read More]

9 Awesome Target Shopping Hacks That Save Big Money

Developing My Target Shopping Hacks We probably spend way too much time and money at Target. My son, for instance, uses Target as his imaginary destination whenever he hops on his little tricycle. “Bye Mom, I’m going to Target!” The little dude is already branded. Sheesh. However, because we enjoy shopping there so much, I’ve… [Read More]

Finding the Perfect Pink Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

It can be a struggle to find the perfect pink lipstick for your skin tone. Every time I visit a makeup counter, I feel overwhelmed by the number of lipsticks they offer. How in the heck do you know which shade is going to be right for you? And who has the time to try on… [Read More]

When Toddler Siblings Play Together

Raising Siblings to be Friends Siblings play together, without a parent around, from the beginning, right? Wrong! I had no clue how long it would take. I am so grateful my kids are finally there. I mean, finally! Yay! It seems like it’s been forever. I had no idea just how tough it would be… [Read More]

How to Make A Pencil Skirt Work for Your Body

Fear of the Pencil Skirt Finding a pencil skirt that works for me is a tall order. I usually stick to A-line because they tend to be more flattering on my lower body. Pencil skirts tend to pull in all the wrong places and draw attention where I’d rather not have it. Why a Pencil… [Read More]

Best Things to Buy in April

Last month, I started this new series of the best things to buy each month. I never really thought about the best time to make purchases, which is odd, since I consider myself a pretty savvy shopper. Now that I realize it, I’m on the hunt each month — here are the best things to… [Read More]

DIY Crystal Geode Jewelry Box

I saw this tutorial on Pinterest for growing your own DIY crystal geode to decorate a jewelry box, and I knew I had to try it. I’m not usually a huge DIY person, but I’ve always had a thing for rocks, gems, minerals, and crystals. As  a child, I actually had a rock collection, believe it… [Read More]

Spring Trend: Saddle Bag Purses

My favorite spring fashion trend is saddle bag purses. I love their hippie, yet practical vibe. I’m searching for the perfect saddle bag purse to bring with me on my various work trips this summer. The reason I love saddle bag purses is because the cross-body The reason I love saddle bag purses for traveling… [Read More]

Best Boutiques in Phoenix

The idea for this store came about after attending a boutique opening in Phoenix a couple weeks ago. Initially, I planned to talk only about clothing boutique. After visiting a few Phoenix boutiques, I realized a lot of them carried things besides just clothing. I decided to extend my list to share what I believe… [Read More]

Pink Sheath Dress and Shades of Pink

You know when you see a dress at the store and you’re like, this totally won’t work on me, but you try it on anyway? That’s how I felt about this pink sheath dress I found on ultra-clearance the other day. The color was quite bright, almost neon, and the shape seemed a bit too… [Read More]