In the Media

Stacey Freeman and Posh in Progress have been featured on global, national, and local television and in print publications. She has served as a host and spokesperson for global brands. For all media inquiries or to reshare content from Posh In Progress, please contact Stacey at [email protected]


KTLA December 2022

KTLA October 2022 for Leisure Pet

Banfield on NewsNation August 2022

KTLA March 2022 for Product of the Year

Disney Family Sundays Episodes 5, 14, 27, and 30 2019-2020

Your Life A to Z  September 2017


Woman’s Day October 2021

Women’s Health April 2017

Other Select Online Sources

Radar Online November 2022
Miami Wire July 2022
Yahoo Life October 2021
Voyage LA October 2021
Shout Out LA April 2021
Boston Voyager May 2018
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