Jeans for Women on a Budget, All Under $40

jeans-for-women-on-a-budgetI’m in desperate need of new jeans, which I learned the other day on my way home from the grocery store. I grabbed Rocco with one arm, the groceries with the other, and slowly trudged toward my apartment. With every step I took, my pants inched further down. By the time I walked through the door and was greeted by my husband, I was practically mooning all of my neighbors. This near-mooning made me realize that it’s time to invest in some new jeans.

My daughter is three weeks old now, and although my maternity jeans are literally falling off (yay!), I’m not quite ready to slip into my skinny jeans either. I don’t want to invest a lot of money in an “in between” wardrobe, but I also don’t want to keep wearing frumpy jeans. I decided it was time to find jeans for women on a budget, like me.

In the past, Old Navy has been my go-to shop for inexpensive, yet versatile jeans. I especially love their sweetheart fit in boot cut, but I wanted to see what else was out there. With a little bit of searching, I was able to find many reasonably priced jeans that are stylish and fit whichever jeans trend you like best. Here are just a handful of great jeans under $40.

PatternedASOS – $24.46

Straight Leg – Croft and Barrow – $19.99

SkinnyForever 21 – $7.80

Tattered – Delias – $25.00

ColorAlloy – $29.90

BoyfriendOld Navy – $34.94

Boot Cut – H&M – 39.99

Do you have a go-to brand of jeans under $40? I’d love to hear about them; leave me a comment!

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