Stacey’s Five Minute Face


My daughter turns three weeks old this week. With the new addition to my family, I have very little time to concentrate on my normal beauty routine. After a quick shower and slathering on some body lotion and SPF for my face, I might find a minute to dry my hair before I need to attend to my daughter or toddler son.

Given the time constraints of being a new mom, I’ve come up with a quick five-minute beauty routine that helps me feel my best. These simple makeup steps keep me looking rested and fresh, even as I juggle two young children on very little sleep.

Although some people might think even taking these five minutes for makeup may be unnecessary with a new baby, I know this routine helps me present a put together version of myself to the world, which makes me feel good about myself. We all deserve a little ‘me’ time.

Once I wash my face and apply a generous amount of SPF to my face and neck, I follow these six simple steps to put on my five minute face.

1. Curl eyelashes


If I don’t have time to do anything else, this step is a must for me. My eyelashes are naturally straight, so when I curl them, I instantly look more awake. I use Shiseido eyelash curler, which is by far the best eyelash curler I’ve ever found. It just works so well, gives my lashes major curl, and they stay curled even after I apply mascara.

2. Apply concealer


I prefer not to use an all over foundation, as I find them heavy on my skin. I prefer to use spot concealer, to cover my minor skin flaws. I concentrate on my under eye redness from lack of sleep and the broken capillaries around my nose (due to sun damage of my youth—please use SFP!). I use Bare Minerals correcting concealer with SPF 20.

3. Apply mascara


Mascara opens up and defines your eyes while drawing attention to them, making you look more awake and bright-eyed. There are a lot of mascaras on the market. I try to use one that helps to lengthen my lashes while still adding volume. I use Rimmel London lash accelerator mascara, which I can buy at my local drug store.

4. Apply highlighter under eyebrows on brow bones


Using a highlighter on your brow bones helps to bring light to your face, gives your brows a lifted effect, and also opens up your eyes. I use this Urban Decay eye shadow in Polyester Bride because it adds light and reflective micro glitter, while still looking very natural. I also like to use Anastasia Beverly Hills brow duality highlighter pencil, which has a matte side for day and a shimmer side for night.

5. Apply blush


To apply blush, target the apples of your cheeks and sweep up toward your temples using a big fluffy brush. I like to use a powder blush most of the time because I tend to get shiny throughout the day. If my skin is on the dry side, I sometimes use a cheek stain. My go-to blush is Estee Lauder in Poppy Passion and I like these Eco Tools brushes, as they are natural, good quality, but fairly inexpensive.

6. Apply lip gloss


Lip gloss gives the allusion of a younger appearance and is less severe than lipstick. I like to use a gloss that has a subtle rosy pink color to add just a touch of color to my lips. I also like a gloss that has a light shimmer for a little extra light and sparkle on my lips. I like this Sephora Glossy Gloss in Rosy Glow.


A lot of women, especially new moms, don’t think they have the time to devote to a beauty routine. I can definitely relate to being pressed for time. Even with a packed schedule, it is important to find time to always put your best face forward. I hope my quick five minute face beauty routine can help you to feel more confident that you can look your best in five minutes or less.


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