What To Do With Unwanted Christmas Gifts

what-to-do-with-unwanted-gifts-2 Did you get an ugly Christmas sweater? Another pair of flannel pajamas? A really ugly set of dishes? Despite your family and friends’ thoughtfulness and spirit of giving, I’m sure you got something you don’t like, don’t have space for, or can’t use.

Those unwanted items don’t have to go to waste or take up space in your storage closet or basement. There are at least four options of what to do with unwanted Christmas gifts:

1) Return or Exchange It

Depending on the retailer, you may be able to return the gift for store credit or exchange it for another item in the store. Some retailers have the ability to look up the original transaction, usually with the gift giver’s name, so you can get store credit. Don’t be afraid to ask to see if the retailer will work with you on an exchange or store credit. Some stores have strict policies that don’t allow returns without receipt, or they require a little sticker that has a code so they can look up the original purchase. It still might be worth your time to try to return or exchange the item if you know where it’s from.

2) Sell It

If the item has some value, you might consider trying to sell it on eBay, Craigslist, or to a resale store. If you decide to sell it online, make sure you take good pictures. The best way to get top dollar is to have a lot of high-quality pictures and a well-written description of the item you are selling.

3) Donate It

Nonprofit organizations, like Goodwill and St. Vincent De Paul, will gladly accept your donations. Plus, donations are a tax write-off.

4) Regift It

Regifting can be tricky, so you will want to follow these tips.

Match the Gift to the Person

Don’t just regift anything. You need to put thought into regifting, to consider if the person will actually like the gift. You don’t just want to pass on junk to someone else.

Don’t Regift within the Same Circle

If your aunt gave you a sweater you don’t like, don’t just give it to your mom. They could run into each other and then there will be hurt feelings. Only regift to people within different circles.

New Gifts Only

Do not regift hand-me-downs, handmade gifts, or food items. Food might expire or there could be allergies (alcohol is an exception). Handmade gifts are more sentimental, so it is inappropriate to give those to other people. Hand-me-downs are not appropriate to regift, but if you have something you think someone else might like, just ask them outright if they would like or could use it.

Keep Meaningful Gifts

If your grandma knitted you a blanket, you had better keep it. The next time she comes over, she might want to see it. Yes, it may be bright green and puke yellow, but she made it with you in mind, so suck it up, and keep it (for now).

Rewrap Before Regifting

If you are going to regift something, make sure you rewrap and decorate it. Make sure you remove your name and any other sign it was meant for you, before you give it to someone else. Try to personalize it in some way (a new gift tag with the person’s name on it, for example), so it doesn’t appear to be regifted.

What’s the worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

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