Swimsuit Tips for Every Occasion

swimsuit-tipsSummer is officially here tomorrow! If you haven’t already found the perfect suit for the summer, I’ve come up with four different scenarios and swimsuit tips to help you find the perfect suit. If you are looking exclusively for a one-piece, check out 10 one-piece suits under $50.

You are: boating with friends.

Tip: Lock in your girls

If your boating trips are anything like mine, there may be some tubing or water skiing in your future. Make sure to pick a suit that provides full coverage up top to make sure you don’t have a boob slip moment.

Why this suit?Scuba Bikini

The full coverage top is perfect for water sports and will help you avoid oops moments. The two-piece is sporty but still sexy. This suit is perfect for a slim or athletic build.

You are: lounging by the pool cabana in Vegas

Tip: Look for built-in cups, under-wires or a shelf-bra and adjustable straps

Go ahead girl, rock that skimpy bikini! If you feel confident and amazing in a bikini, then I’m all for it. But one word of caution with string bikinis: unless you have extra perky boobs, please opt for a top that helps shape and define your girls.

Suits without any sort of support can make your chest look like a pancake. A perky bust adds to the illusion of a smaller waistline and an hourglass shape. Find a swimsuit that has built-in cups or a shelf-bra with adjustable straps so you can get the girls nice and high.

Why this suit?Bikini

Molded cups, under wires, and straps shape and support the bust while the bold print is eye catching and creates curves. This suit is perfect for an athletic or slim build.

You are: taking your infant swimming for the first time.

For new moms like me, you might prefer a one-piece until your post-baby body is back where it used to be. A one-piece can be just as sexy, and more figure flattering, than a bikini. Plus, one-pieces tend to be more practical, especially if you are going to be doing anything other than lying in a beach chair.

Tip: Choose seaming, rouching or boning for added support and shape

A well-cut swimsuit with seams, boning or rouching will make your body look better.  Rouching camouflages, boning provides support and well-placed seams are slimming.

Tip: Find Optical Illusions

Suits with color blocking, banding and different color panels can create the illusion of a slimmer figure. Look for suits that are dark on the bottom and light on top, suits with built-in belts, or suits with dark side panels, all of which create slimming effects.

Why this suit?: One-piece

The middle geometric panel  with pleating creates a vertical line that is slimming and the pleats camouflage a tummy. The black side panels give the illusion of a slimmer figure. The sweetheart neckline, molded cups, and straps accentuate the bust.

You are: chasing the kids around the beach

Tip: Opt for a Rash Guard

I love the idea of a rash guard paired with a bikini bottom because it provides sun protection, but still looks cute. It’s a lot easier to chase kids around when you don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting your bikini top for fear of your girls falling out. Plus, you can be a role model for your kids. When they whine about wearing their own rash guards, you can point to yourself as an example of what to do to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.

Why this suit?: Rash guard

The rash guard provides sun protection for chest, shoulders and back. The blue vertical piping is slimming and elongating and the blue panel on the bottom draw the eye upward toward the face.

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