6 Essential Benefits of an Organic Mattress You Should Know

Benefits of an Organic Mattress featured by top LA lifestyle blogger, Posh in Progress
You spend one-third of your life in bed. Have you thought about what you’re sleeping on lately? Honestly, I never gave my mattress much thought. My main priority was comfort. Beyond that, I didn’t think too much about my mattress. Well, it turns out there are a lot of benefits to choosing a mattress made of organic materials and a lot of hazards to choosing conventional mattresses. If you’re thinking about a new mattress or you are concerned about your family’s health, read below.  I will share the benefits of an organic mattress.

I first started researching mattresses when my friends at the Futon Shop offered me a new mattress and bedframe.  The Futon Shop is an innovative leader in the creation of chemical-free furniture in California for over 40 years. They source their natural fibers from local farmers and process them on site. The Futon Shop has made chemical free living affordable for everyone because they care and believe everyone deserves the choice to sleep healthy. If you are considering a new mattress, the Futon Shop is the place I would suggest for a huge selection and affordability too. 

Benefits of an Organic Mattress featured by top LA lifestyle blogger, Posh in Progress

Why Buy Organic?

You spend a lot of time in bed, so your mattress is a long-term investment in your comfort and health. One of the many benefits of an organic mattress is it will contain no pesticides or harsh chemicals like conventional mattresses. Typically, organic mattresses are also hypo-allergenic, durable, biodegradable, and meet the fire retardant regulations. They also help to reduce your carbon footprint and the number of harsh toxins in the air. Generally, they are free of synthetic materials, have not been treated with harsh chemicals, and also comply with organic standards for manufacturing.

Benefits  of An Organic Mattress

Benefits of an Organic Mattress featured by top LA lifestyle blogger, Posh in Progress

Free of Chemicals

Organic wool is not coated using harsh chemicals, and the sheep live and graze on pastures free of dangerous pesticides. Organic cotton is safer than conventional cotton because it is grown without the use of pesticides that are often used in the manufacturing process. Also, organic latex is grown on plantations that meet federal USDA organic regulations. 


They use chemical toxins or pesticides to produce conventional mattresses. These often cause allergies and respiratory problems. Organic mattresses are pesticide-free, chemical-free, and thus, hypo-allergenic.

Regulate your Body Temperature

Naturally, wool is a natural temperature-regulating textile. Plus, organic latex, organic wool, and organic cotton help the mattresses to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Benefits of an Organic Mattress featured by top LA lifestyle blogger, Posh in Progress


Unlike conventional or synthetic mattresses, organic ones have a much longer life expectancy because they do not break down as quickly. Organic natural textiles are durable, flexible, and long-lasting. They can last up to 20 years, where standards mattresses are supposed to be replaced every 6-8 years.


Another one of the benefits of an organic mattress is that it is made of renewable and biodegradable materials. Choosing one is a better choice for the planet than a conventional mattress.

Naturally Flame Resistant

Because of organic wool, it is not necessary to use harsh flame retardants on organic mattresses like on conventional mattresses. According to the American Sheep Industry Association, wool is the only fiber that is naturally flame resistant. This makes organic mattresses a great choice for both health and safety.

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I received this bed frame and organic mattress from The Futon Shop in exchange for promotion. All opinions are my own.


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