Here Are 12 New Years Dresses Under $50

New Years Dresses 2020
Have you picked out your New Years outfit yet? If you’re still searching, I’m sharing some of my favorite New Years dresses and outfit ideas, all under $50.

Shop Your Closet

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you should consider shopping your own closet first. I didn’t think I had anything I could wear. I was planning to find a sequin dress or something else super sparkly to wear this year. Instead, I actually shopped my own closet and put together an old dress (similar) with a new sweatshirt, super old sequin heels (similar), and my go-to leather clutch (similar). To style the look, I threw the sweatshirt over the dress, tucked in the hem to make it more of a cropped look, and used a black hairband to tie the back and tucked the extra sweatshirt in the back.

Subtle Can Be Sexy

I’m super happy with how my outfit turned out because it feels special enough for New Years with the touches of satin and sequins, but it’s also super comfortable and covered. I like subtle sexy and I think this outfit nails it. I’m personally not into showing too much skin, especially in the winter. You can totally be sexy without showing a ton of skin. My outfit is still body-hugging so it shows my shape, but I’m not showing very much skin. Subtle is actually sexier than showing a ton of skin if you ask me.

New Years Dresses 2020 1

Other New Years Outfit Ideas

If you’re not sure what to wear this New Years Eve, I decided I’d share some different ideas. Plus, you don’t just need to wear a dress. You could also consider a skirt and top, or pants and a top. You could even consider wearing a blazer with your skirt, dress or pants.

A lot of the decision of what to wear will likely depend on what you’re doing for New Years. If you’re having casual drinks at your friend’s house, you could wear jeans and a fun sparkly cami or velvety top. If you’re going to a fancy dinner or party, you might want to wear a cocktail dress made with lace, sequins or velvet. If you’re hitting up a club, then you might want to wear a bodycon dress or something a little more revealing.

My whole point is that there is no one right look. I think most women assume they should wear a sequins dress. I think you can wear a lot of things to feel special and look amazing on New Years. Even though I do think you should break out fo the sequins dress box when deciding what to wear this New Years Eve, I am still here to give you what you want! If you do want an affordable dress option for New Years, here I’m sharing some of my favorites under $50.

New Years Dresses Under $50

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I hope you have a Happy New Year, no matter what you wear!




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