Best Boutiques in Phoenix

best-boutiques-in-phoenix-featuredThe idea for this store came about after attending a boutique opening in Phoenix a couple weeks ago. Initially, I planned to talk only about clothing boutique. After visiting a few Phoenix boutiques, I realized a lot of them carried things besides just clothing. I decided to extend my list to share what I believe are the four best boutiques in Phoenix.

Vida Moulin

best boutiques in phoenixI can’t lie, I’m obsessed with Vida Moulin. When I walked in I felt like I had just found my vibe. Everything about the store felt like me. The owner has the best attention to detail. She curated some really awesome clothes, shoes, accessories, purses, and home goods. I couldn’t stop staring at the gorgeous murals she had painted on the walls, and I was equally obsessed with her collection of succulents and funky decor. I was in the store for about a half hour, and every time I turned around, I saw something new.

For a relatively small space, she managed to get a lot of unique pieces in there without it feeling the least bit cluttered. The best way I could describe this store was an Anthropologie-ish feel — especially the home goods — but the clothes is a little less hippy than Anthro can be sometimes. The day after the boutique opening, I became so obsessed with some of the pieces she had in her store, that I insta-stocked the store until I found the pieces in her feed. Vida Moulin will definitely be on my must-visit list.


best boutiques in phoenix 2The owner of Vida Moulin actually told me about UrbAna, as she curates a lot of the home goods she carried from UrbAna. I loved UrbAna because it is a really fun home good store, carrying lots of unique items for entertaining. They had some gorgeous place settings, dishes, kitchen accessories, silverware and other items to make your home feel special. If you’re into entertaining, this is the boutique for you. I loved all the chic and unique home goods they carry and would be sure to come back here to find gifts for my friends who like spending time in the kitchen or entertaining.


best-boutiques-in-phoenix-francesI’d heard good things about Frances before, but this was my first visit. When I drove up to the building, I was initially drawn to the art outside the building. I also loved their entrance — it just had a cute and welcoming vibe. The inside is equally quaint with so many cute things. This is a go-to spot for creative and whimsical gifts. They have a lot of jewelry, hand-printed cards, clothing, and even toys and clothing for babies. They also have some men’s and women’s clothing, which had a more vintage-inspired feel.  I also thought their ‘Arizona’ souvenirs were much cuter than you’d find in the touristy Old Town stores.  If you’re looking for a gift for your friend or friend’s child, Frances will have something special and unique for sure. It is the perfect gift-givers stop.

HUB Clothing

best boutiques in phoenix 3Hub Clothing is a jeans mecca. If you love denim, this is the place for you. It’s industrial interior pairs well with their high-end denim and otherwise casual vibe. I was really drawn to their men’s clothing. They had some really cute men’s shoes and this awesome floral button up, I wanted to get Jade. I also loved their women’s shoes — especially these metallic slides.  If you have a cool, casual vibe, HUB is the store for you. Bonus — you can walk next door and grab a scoop from CHURN when you’re done shopping.

For those in the Phoenix Metro, what boutiques did I miss? What do you think are the best boutiques in Phoenix?


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