Pink Sheath Dress and Shades of Pink

pink-sheath-dress-and-shades-of-pink-02You know when you see a dress at the store and you’re like, this totally won’t work on me, but you try it on anyway? That’s how I felt about this pink sheath dress I found on ultra-clearance the other day. The color was quite bright, almost neon, and the shape seemed a bit too straight for my curvy body. I tried it on anyway, because it was such a great deal, and I immediately fell in love. The only problem, the dress I found was a size too small.

pink-sheath-dress-and-shades-of-pink-07I brought the dress up to the register, and asked the sales associate if he could find it for me in a size larger. To my luck, he found one at another store, only about 15 minutes away. I drove down there a day later, and was so happy the dress was also part of an even bigger sale!

pink sheath dress{Stacey’s look: Banana Republic Dress (similar), Penny Lane Necklace (from Rocksbox), Ann Taylor Bangles (similar), Chanel Purse (similar), Chloe Wedges (similar)}

pink-sheath-dress-and-shades-of-pink-05I reminded myself of a couple of shopping lessons while hunting for this pink sheath dress:

pink-sheath-dress-and-shades-of-pink-04Take Risks and Try on Things You Aren’t Sure You’ll Like

Most people tend to stick to shapes, patterns and colors they are comfortable wearing. I totally understand. I’ve gone through phases where I only wear sweaters with cardigans. Lately, I’m stuck in a cropped pants and cardigan phase. It is great to find colors, patterns and shapes that work well for your body, but that doesn’t mean you should totally give up on taking risks every now and then!

Also, don’t be afraid to take risks in your styling. I paired this dress with other shades of pink. They don’t actually match, but by sticking with one color palette, it works!

pink-sheath-dress-and-shades-of-pink-01Ask For Help

If you see an item in the store that you love (or think you might love) and they don’t have it in your size, ask for help! There is a good chance the associate can find it for you at a nearby store, or they can order it for you online. Most stores offer free shipping if you buy the item in the store.

The moral of this story — don’t be afraid to take risks and ask for help if you can’t find an item. I followed these two simple shopping tips and scored this awesome pink sheath dress for under $50!


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