8 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Adults

easter-egg-decorating-ideas-for-adultsHave you dyed your eggs yet? It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing with Rocco, but then I remember how not into cookie decorating he was at Christmas. I’m thinking egg dying might have to wait until next year.

Or does it? There are so many cool and unique Easter egg decorating ideas out there that seem more adult-friendly anyway. There’s no reason to use those boring old dye kits, and who says I have to wait until my kids are old enough.

I’ve rounded up 8 really unique Easter egg decorating ideas for adults that would be super fun to do with your girlfriends, or your (older than toddler) kids. And a shout out to all the crafy bloggers out there—just so much cool stuff on Pinterest!

8 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Adults

Paper Napkin – La Receta De La Felicidad
Sharpie Tie Died – Housing a Forest
Gold Leaf – A Pumpkin and a Princess
Melted Crayons – Jenna Burger
Glitter – The Girl Inspired
Dots – Reasons to Skip The Housework
Rubber Band – Nikki’s Studio
Subway Art – Lil Luna

How are you decorating your Easter eggs this year?


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