I Love Long Overcoats, Here are 3 Phenomenal Reasons Why

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In Los Angeles, I don’t often need heavy coats. Even in the dead of winter, it doesn’t get all that cold here. However, I do like to have a few winter coats on hand for the rare trip to wintery climates. I recently found this yellow drop shoulder overcoat and I love it! If you’re interested in considering long overcoats this winter, read on to see why you might just want one.

{Stacey’s look: yellow overcoat; dress; booties; handbag; lip color}

3 Reasons I Love Long Overcoats

1. They Keep You Warm

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It may be stating the obvious, but a long coat is going to keep you warmer than a short coat. Especially for extra cold climates, having a longer coat can really keep you warm and protect you from the harsh weather. I remember when I lived in Boston, I bought a knee-length coat. Even wearing winter boots, I can distinctly remember the space between the top of my boots and the bottom of my jacket always being so freezing. I took the train into the city for work, and I definitely wished I had gotten a full-lenght coat to keep my legs warm.

2. Long Overcoats are Classic

Even though my overcoat has the ruffle sleeve detail, the coat itself is still super classic. The open style with the blazer collar is so very classic. The color and the ruffle detail make this jacket a little less expected than your traditional women’s overcoat. Yet, the overall look, feel, textile and shape of the coat are all very classic. It is definitely a piece I can keep in my closet for many years to come. And even if the color or ruffles eventually feel outdated, this style will definitely always come back around.

3. They Go with Everything

Unlike cropped or even hip-length coats and jackets, long coats go with pretty much anything. You can definitely pair them with pants, skirts or dresses and they work equally well. If you are wearing a shorter dress or skirt, I would suggest you wear high boots with tights or at least something on your legs. I think bare legs with a long coat look a bit odd, personally. 

These are just a few of the reasons why I love long overcoats for women. If you’re looking for other fall and winter fashion, click here. Below are also 9 of my favorite long coats for women.

Long Overcoats for Women

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