Here are Cold Shoulder Sweater Dresses Under $40 I Love

Did you snag any of the amazing sales available during Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend? I definitely got quite a few goodies at Shein, including this cold shoulder sweater dress. There are so many amazing deals right now if you’re looking to add a few pieces to your wardrobe. I recently got this cold shoulder dress and I am in love. It is so soft in a sweater cozy material. 

cold shoulder sweater dresses 3
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Pastels are also really big for fall/winter this year. I added a few lavender and light blue pieces to my wardrobe, which is such a nice change from the jewel tones I usually wear all winter long. Another reason I love cold shoulder sweater dresses is that they are really comfortable and versatile pieces. They are comfortable but look put together. You can wear them on the weekends with sneakers or flats, or add some booties for a more dressed up look. You can wear them over leggings or tights if its cold where you live. 

cold shoulder sweater dresses 2
I decided to style them with these fun sparkly flats so I could wear this look for daytime or night. I’m pretty obsessed with these flats because they are super comfortable but feel really dressed up with rhinestones. My friend said they reminded him of Dorothy. Even though I think he meant it with an eye roll and a minor insult, I’ll take it as a positive thing. What little girl didn’t want to be Dorothy or Cinderella with our sparkly shoes in tow. 

cold shoulder sweater dresses
Cold shoulder sweater dresses are a really great option if you’re looking for something comfortable to replace your yoga pants or sweatsuits. You can look dressed up while still being supremely comfortable. If that’s what you want, these dresses are for you. Check out some of my favorites below – all under $40!

Are you looking for other sweater dress options? Click here to shop some of my other favorites. 

Cold Shoulder Sweater Dresses Under $40

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