5 Creative Spring Nail Art Manicure Ideas

spring nail artEarlier this year, I got my first professional, custom, nail art manicure, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I try to change up my manicure every two to three weeks and I get most of my inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. I actually found my current spring nail art while looking on my finder on Instagram. It’s the perfect spring manicure because the light pink and the white just look so fresh.

About a year and a half ago, I started getting regular manicures at the nail salon. I used to have a nervous twitch where I would pick at my cuticles whenever I was anxious. It was a terrible habit, and I’ve found that getting a manicure actually keeps me from messing with my hands. I also feel so much more put-together with a fresh manicure.

There is just something very luxurious about going to the nail salon every couple weeks. I’ve realized that it’s an important investment for me. My hands end up in a lot of my photos for my blog and social media images, so having a fresh manicure is just one less thing for me to worry about. This way, I always feel a bit more put together.

Most of the time, I go to a salon to get my professional manicure or pedicure. Usually, I opt for gel polish at the nail salon. Every now and then, though, I try them for myself. There are a lot of at-home manicure ideas you can do for yourself. Below are just a few ideas of spring nail art you can do at home.

5 Spring Nail Art Ideas I Love

Triangle Nail Art

spring nail art

Patriotic Nail Art  

Quick and Easy Patriotic Nail Art Tutorial

Half Moon Manicure 


Negative Space Manicure 


Tiny Hearts Manicure 

easy-valentines-day-manicure-06These are just a few of the spring nail art ideas that I love. If you’re looking for more inspiration, I’d definitely suggest you head over to Pinterest or search for nail art on Instagram. There are so many fun ways to jazz up your manicure this spring, I think it’s about time you try nail art for yourself!

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