18 Unexpected Places People Forget to Clean

forget to clean

Do you clean your house every week? I spot-clean when I notice things aren’t as clean as I’d like, but I definitely don’t do a thorough clean as often as I’d like. Now that spring has finally arrived in Boston, spring cleaning is on my mind. But here’s the thing, there are a lot of places I have not cleaned in way too long. a lot of places people forget to clean on a regular basis.

In case you’re wondering, these are the 18 places many people forget to clean.

18 Places People Forget to Clean

1. Washing Machine

Sure, it might get your clothes clean, but have you actually cleaned the machine lately? I know the top of my washing machine is often a little grimy. It might have some spilled detergent, or a little bit of lint residue. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to get it a once-over. It’s also a good idea to leave your washing machine door open in between washes so the water can evaporate.

2. Curtains/Blinds

When’s the last time you washed or dusted your curtains? I bet it’s been awhile. I remember a few years back, we moved into a rental, and the dust on the mini blinds was so thick, I could write my name on them. If you have cloth or curtains made of washable materials, then by all means, wash them. There’s a decent chance you might want to get them dry cleaned to avoid any washing issues.

3. Door Frames

Have you ever dusted the top of your door frames? It’s definitely a place I don’t think about very often because, well, its out of my sight line. Grab a stool, and get up top. You might also want to go along the sides and the bottom too, just to make sure you get all the dust.

4. Coffee Pot

I bet you rinse out the pot most days, but have you actually rinsed out the inside or cleaned the area where the pot warms? I remember a couple years ago, I cleaned ours super thoroughly, and I was pretty shocked just by how many coffee grounds and other coffee stains I was able to remove.

5. Trash Cans

You might use them to hold the trash, but I bet you don’t want them to also be filthy. The outside of trash cans and the inside are likely to have a lot of stains, bacteria and worse. I like to take my trash cans outside and rinse them down with a hose every now and then, but it’s also important to disinfect them whenever you think about it or see a stray stain.

6. Light Switches

Light switches are often forgotten. I’ve lived in a lot of apartments, and one of the first things I clean is the light switches. They often have a layer of grime on them, simply because people forget to clean them.

7. Door Knobs/Handles

Just like light switches, you use door handles every day, yet they often don’t get cleaned. I use disinfecting wipes on places like door handles and light switches because they are super-efficient to use and you can simply give them a quick swipe every week or two.

8. Shower Curtain

If you have a plastic curtain, you should check for signs of mildew and mold. I’d suggest replacing it every year or so, although I personally don’t like plastic curtains. Why? Because they leech all those plastic chemicals. Instead, I like to use one that’s washable. That way, I can wash the curtain every couple of months to get rid of the grimy buildup.

9. Ceiling Fans

A lot of people forget to clean their ceiling fans, especially if they’re really high up. You might have one of those dusters that can reach part of the fan, but I bet you haven’t cleaned it thoroughly in a long time (if at all). Every time I move out of a house or apartment, I clean the fans and realize it has been too long. Anytime there’s a layer of dust, you know it’s been too long.

10. Light Fixtures

Just like ceiling fans, light fixtures often get forgotten. Make sure you clean the entire light fixture, including inside where the light bulbs are.

11. Throw Pillows

I personally wash my bedding every week, but I definitely don’t wash my couch cushions or throw pillow hardly at all. If they are washable or have removable covers, throw them in the wash every month or two. If they don’t have removable covers, you might consider getting ones that do. The other option would be to dry clean them, but a lot of times, that’s not the most cost-effective option.

12. Remotes

TV remotes are one of the most germ-infested things in your house.  Every time I go to a hotel, I always wish I had remembered to bring cleaning wipes with me, because I know how notoriously dirty they are. Keep a pack of disinfecting wipes with you so you can clean on the go.

13. Base Boards

Many people remember to clean their floors on a fairly regular basis, but a lot of people don’t clean their baseboards, which can often have a lot of dust build-up on them.

14. Microwave

There’s a good chance you clean the inside of your microwave and the outside door, as well. Have you ever cleaned the top of the door or the crease where it opens and closes? Apparently, I haven’t! When I was writing this story, I walked around my home, thinking about places I don’t often clean, and I found the top of the door and the crease where it opens and closes were pretty filthy. Honestly, I was pretty disgusted. It’s definitely a place I’ll clean regularly from now on.

15. Underneath Appliances

I bet you clean the front of your appliances, and maybe even the top, but what about underneath? When’s the last time you moved your refrigerator or oven? Well, it might night be pretty, but it’s a perfect place to clean once a year when you do a major spring cleaning.

16. Beneath Floor Rugs

There’s a good chance you vacuum on a regular basis, but do you pick up your floor rugs and vacuum or sweep underneath? You might want to start.

17. Keyboard

Just like remotes, keyboards have a lot of germs on them. You can use a special electronic cleaner or a cotton swab to get all the nooks and crannies on your keyboard.

18. Lamp Shades

Lamp shades, like blinds, are tricky to dust. You can try using a duster, but those often just spread dust everywhere. You might also consider dry cleaning them. There’s no perfect way to clean them, but it’s definitely worth a try to get rid of some of the dust build up.

I hope this list of 18 places people forget to clean is helpful to you when you start your spring cleaning. If you’re looking for other tips, here’s a post I wrote about cleaning your home fast, and another on closet organization hacks. Happy spring cleaning!

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