5 Tips for How to Clean Your House Fast

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clean your house fast

We are all busy. When I tell people I work full-time as an Assistant Dean at a university and I also have a blog and two kids under 6, they don’t know how I do it. Well, I honestly fail quite a bit. What I’ve found that works is a lot of organization and not much downtime. That’s why it’s super important to me to find products that make my life easier. It is a constant struggle to keep my home, office, car, and life clean and organized, but some products just make it a lot easier.

With my NEW Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes- Easy To Pull Pack, I’m ready to tackle all the dirty places and spaces in my life, from my car to my kids’ playroom, in a snap. The thing I love most about the Clorox wipes is that they come in a pack that I can take with me everywhere. They are same great wipes you love, but now in a space-saving pack that you can take with wherever you go.  I like to leave a pack in my car for the times my kids spill or when dust builds on the dashboard. I also keep a pack at the office to clean off my desk when I, inevitably, spill some coffee, or need to clean the dust off of my bookshelf. At home, I keep a pack in the bathroom as well as the kitchen, so I can quickly and easily clean up any yucky spots. You can stock up on these new Clorox wipes at your local Walmart store in the cleaning aisle.

If you’re looking for ideas for how to clean your house fast, I highly suggest you consider keeping a pack of the easy to pull wipesClorox Disinfecting Wipes Flex Pack in your car, your bathroom(s), kitchen, and any other room that gets really dirty.

Also, if you’re wondering how I keep everything clean – I don’t. But, I’ve found a few tricks to keep things clean most of the time. More importantly, these tips are perfect to help you clean your house fast.

5 Tips to Clean Your House Fast

1. Designate a Weekly Cleaning Day

For a lot of people, choosing one day to clean makes a lot of sense. Maybe that’s Sunday for you, or a weeknight that you’re always home. By making a consistent habit of cleaning your home, car, office, or whatever other spaces you need to clean once-a-week, you will keep the mess much more manageable than if you only cleaned every two or four weeks.

2. Clean as You Go

Although I do try to have one day where I spend more time cleaning, I often prefer to do the bulk of the cleaning when I make the mess in the first place. I.e., you will never see dishes in my sink. I clean them immediately after eating and cooking. That way, the mess never lingers. I also try to pay attention to when things just start to ‘look’ dirty. If I notice dust forming on the TV console, I’ll grab a Clorox wipe and get rid of the dust immediately. There’s no hard and fast rule that you need to wait until cleaning day.

3. Get Your Kids/Family Involved

I know a lot of moms (and women) do the bulk of the chores inside the home. There is no reason you can’t get everyone involved in the process. I’ve learned that a lot of times it just requires me to ask and then my family is happy to chip in. My kids actually love to help clean. 

4. Do a Deep Clean Every Season

There are a lot of places that get missed on our weekly cleaning sessions, like floorboards, door handles, light fixtures, etc. Make sure that you take some extra time with the changing of the seasons to do a deep clean.

5. Don’t Forget Your Car and Office!

If you work outside of the home, don’t forget to clean your office. I know that I’ve been pretty lax about cleaning my office as often as I like. Now, I keep a pack of the new Clorox wipes right in my desk drawer so I can clean the office every couple weeks. I also keep a pack in the glove box of my car so that I can clean my car dashboard, the grimy handles, and any of the spills my kids make in the car when I’m on the go. With the wipes being so easy to pull - iIt’s just so convenient.

I hope you found these little tips to help you clean your house fast useful. What other techniques do you use to keep your house clean? Happy spring cleaning!


  1. celebratingthislife says:

    Clean as you go, I am constantly following that and reminding my fam about it, especially while in the kitchen! It’s so easy for the kitchen to become a total disaster area lol xx Rox-Anne Celebrating This Life

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