This is Why I Love the Trench Coat Trend for Spring

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trench coatI consider myself a pretty savvy shopper, even a bit of a fashionista. I didn’t really think of myself as someone who needed style advice, but that all changed when I met my Trunk Club stylist, Katelyn.

When I first learned about Trunk Club, I wasn’t sure it was for me. Mostly, I don’t really like when people tell me what to do, especially when it comes to my style, so I wasn’t sure I could be receptive to a stylist. I’ve also tried a similar service in the past, and it wasn’t successful for me, so I was leery. However, because Trunk Club is a Nordstrom company, I wanted to give it a try. I’ve always had the best experience with Nordstrom, so I was encouraged.

To start, I went to Trunk Club’s website and did their little online questionnaire. Basically, selecting items you like, describing your style, etc. Immediately when the survey was done, a chat box popped up and someone from Trunk Club started messaging with me to learn more about my style and preferences. After that, I was connected directly with the stylist at the Boston Clubhouse who would work with me. We scheduled an appointment for the next week. It was super seamless and felt like I already had a personal connection, even though it was through an online system.

{Stacey’s Look #1: Theory Trench; Blouse (similar); Jeans (similar); Nars Lipstick; Rag and Bone Booties}

When I arrived at Trunk Club, I was super impressed with the space. The Boston clubhouse is really chic and has a giant bar when you first walk in. They offered me my choice of beverages, including a mimosa. I opted not to imbibe since I had to go back to work later.

After a short wait, Katelyn walked over and introduced herself. She showed me around the clubhouse and introduced me to the new DVF collection that they had just gotten in. Next, she brought me to one of the dressing areas where we sat on comfortable couches and chatted about my style. Then, she headed to the inventory area and pulled items she thought I would like.

When she came back with the rack, I talked through each of the pieces with her, explaining what I liked and didn’t like. She was super receptive to my feedback and went and grabbed a few other pieces while I tried on some of the clothes.

The first piece I tried on was this gorgeous theory trench coat(on sale!). At first, I was a little unsure. First, although I love ivory against my skin, I normally wouldn’t get such a pricey jacket in such a striking color – mostly because I’m a busy mom who’d fear constant dry cleaning bills. Second, I was ultra confused about how this piece would work in my daily life.

Although trenches are such a classic piece, and the shape and style is definitely timeless, I didn’t quite get the trend. Katelyn explained to me that this spring, people are wearing these light-weight trenches more like blazers. Thus, you leave it on all day just like you would a blazer or suit jacket.

The moment I put on this jacket, I felt like a million bucks. In my experience, it is rare to find a piece of clothing that instantly transforms your mood, this jacket did that for me. I was still a bit in sticker shock, but I was definitely in love.

After about an hour with Katelyn, we decided I’d benefit from receiving a trunk shipped to me. They have more inventory when the trunks are curated online than at the clubhouses. I’m really glad I got to do both though, as it was super fun to get to know my stylist in person. She got a sense of my style and body shape, so I knew the items in the trunk would work out a bit better.

Within an hour of leaving the showroom, Katelyn emailed me with the contents of my trunk. One of my favorite features of the Trunk Club process is that I was able to edit the trunk. I could explain which items I didn’t like and why. Then my stylist could go back in and replace the items I didn’t like before shipping to me.

My trunk arrived a few days later. It felt just like Christmas getting to see what she had picked for me. There was one item in the trunk I just couldn’t resist. These Marc Fischer pumps were just too cute and unique not to snatch up!

{Stacey’s Look #2: Theory Trench; Blouse (similar); Jeans (similar); Booties (similar);   Necklace (similar); Urban Decay Eyeshadow}

After a few more days of lusting, I also decided to get the Theory trench coat. All the daydreaming, I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. Although it is more than I’d usually spend on a coat, I know it’s a piece I will have in my wardrobe for years.

Despite my initial hesitation, I had the best experience with Trunk Club. So much so that I’ve decided to receive a trunk every quarter. I also plan to visit the clubhouse every quarter too, as I think interacting with your stylist is a great way to learn about new trends and also try to push your style boundaries a bit. Katelyn gave me some really great suggestions for styling my trench coat that I wouldn’t have thought of. Even if you’re into style like I am, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn a few things. My experience with Trunk Club taught me that. It also got me into the spring trench coat trend, which I absolutely love.

If you’d like to try the trench coat trend for yourself, here are some of my current favorites. Plus, if you do decide to try out Trunk Club for yourself, you can share some of these images with them so you can jump on the trench coat trend too.

Spring Trench Coat Trend

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This post is sponsored by Trunk Club. I received product and compensation in exchange for my review. 

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