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17 Closet Organization Hacks to Start Your Spring Cleaning Early

17 closet organization hacks to start your spring cleaning early
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The week between Christmas and New Years I was obsessed with organizing my house. I rarely have an entire week off of work, so I tried to make the most of it. During the week, I spent a lot of time decluttering. I also started searching for closet organization hacks to make my closets cleaner and my home more organized.

It feels so good to declutter, especially with the new year. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your closet, you should check out my closet cleaning tutorial. If you’re issue is more about a lack of storage space, here are 17 closet organization hacks that will help you get your closet in order.

17 Closet Organization Hacks

1. Buy a Utensil Holder to Organize Jewelry

The idea to use a utensil holder for jewelry is so smart. I saw this tip here, and I think it is a great way to keep your jewelry organized. I have a ton of necklaces, and I think using the little compartments where you’d normally put your forks and spoons makes so much sense. It would work really well for chunky necklaces that won’t get tangled or for bracelets.

2. Use Tension Rods to Create a Shoe Rack

I own way too many shoes and I don’t know what to do with them all. I love the idea of creating a simple shoe rack using tension rods. If you have a little nook or cranny in your home where you could easily add some storage, this is a great idea. You could also use the inside of your closet if you have some extra space on the sides to add these tension rod shoe racks.

3. Add Baskets to the Back of your Door

This idea is so cute because she picked up vintage baskets at a flea market and attached them to the back of her closet door for storing things that just don’t do well on a hanger.

4. Use Shower Curtain Rings as Scarf Holders

I never know where to put my scarves. Currently, they are in a little tote bag, all bunched up. When I saw this idea, I thought it was great and I only wish I had seen it sooner. Using shower curtain rings to hold scarves is so smart! It takes up way less space and also keeps the scarves from getting all wrinkled.

5. Stagger Your Clothing with S Hooks and Chain

If you have one of those closets with just one rod and then tons of extra space underneath, you should try this S Hook and Chain idea. It is such an easy and inexpensive solution to hang many more items. Just be careful that you don’t overload your closet rod too much. I’ve definitely snapped a closet rod by putting too much clothes on it before!

6. Use a Rain Gutter Earring Holder

If you have a lot of earrings or jewelry, I thought this rain gutter earring holder was a great idea to store a lot of things in a minimal amount of space. Plus, it is super inexpensive.

7. Use Picture Rail to Make a Shoe Rack

If you want to display your shoes like art, I love the idea of using picture rail to make a shoe rack. It looks so chic and is also fairly inexpensive. It is a bit permanent though, so if you aren’t in it for the long haul, maybe consider the other shoe options I’ve shared.

8. Add Hanging Tags to Simplify Your Weekday Wardrobe

Make morning routines easier by organizing a week’s worth of outfits by placing hanging tags on your closet bar. Each tag says the name of the week so you would just place your planned outfits assigned to each day of the week. It would make getting ready for work a breeze.

9. Display Jewelry with a Paper Towel Holder

If you’re looking for a way to display your jewelry, you should check out this idea for using paper towel holders. It doubles as artwork.

10. Organize your T-Shirts to Save Space

I have way too many t-shirts and my drawers are overflowing. This idea for organizing t-shirts to save space is genius! When I saw this idea, I realized I’ve been storing my t-shirts all wrong. I’m going to have to try out this space saving idea asap!

11. Build a Modern Pipe Clothing Rack

If you don’t have room to change your closet but do have space to store a hanging rack, you could build a DIY pipe clothing rack. I love this rack because it is modern and chic. I wouldn’t mind hanging some of my clothes in my house if it was hung on such a cool looking rack. Plus, you could just display your favorite pieces or even just a specific color palette to keep it clean-looking.

12. Organize your Tight and Legging with this simple DIY

Just like my scarves, my tights and leggings are stuffed in my lingerie drawer. They are all wrinkled and in a giant lump. I love this idea for a simple DIY to organize tights and leggings. It is simple and effective.

13. Build a Ladder Clothing Rack

I saw this DIY ladder clothing rack and thought it seemed like a great space-creator while also serving as a vocal point for your home. It is so neat when you can create something functional that also looks interesting in your home.

14. Make Your Own Accessory Hanger

This might be the coolest looking hanger I’ve ever seen. I’m tempted to make one because this hanger seems like a great multi-functional tool to keep all of your accessories organized.

15. Use Peg Board to Organize Jewelry

Just like the ladder, I love the idea of creating a peg board for my jewelry so that my jewelry is displayed like art. It also seems very simple to create on your own.

16. Make a Sliding Pants Rack

Where do you store your pants? Mine are all stacked up in my closet, which is a total space-waster. I love the idea of this sliding pants rack. It would take up way less space and keep my pants from getting all wrinkled.

17. Create Double Hangers with Can Tabs

You can use a soda can tab to create double hangers for additional storage. This is such a simple and inexpensive hack, but seems like a great way to make the most of your closet storage.



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