Behind the Scenes of Our Wonderful Christmas at LEGOLAND

Last summer was the first time we took our kids to an amusement park. They had been on little rides and fairs, but our first trip to LEGOLAND® went so well, we decided it would be fun to visit again during the holidays. What I didn’t realize was just how cool it would be for our kids to experience Christmas at LEGOLAND.

I learned a few things during our first trip to LEGOLAND, so I knew to pack lots of snacks, including a substantial lunch for the kids. I did this for two reasons. First, Rocco is, unfortunately, a very picky eater. On our last trip, the only thing he ate was some salad with ranch dressing. Although I admire his healthy choice, he didn’t have enough sustenance to get him through the day, which means mini-meltdowns. Packing food is also a great way to save money at amusement parks. I packed them several snacks, including a PB&J, which always travels well. I also brought empty water bottles so they would have drinks when needed.

On our second trip, I also knew which rides were a hit the first time around. Namely, the cars they can drive themselves, the merry-go-round, and the fire truck ride. We knew to avoid the rollercoaster for two reasons. First, Rocco is a bit of a scaredy cat and he didn’t like it the first time around. Second, it’s one of the longest lines, so if he didn’t like it, why wait? Gigi is actually dying to go on the roller coaster, but she’s not quite tall enough yet. Hopefully next summer!

The first time we visited, we spent quite a bit of time just looking at all the LEGO® statues. Although Rocco would have been happy to do that for an hour or two, this time, we opted to hit more rides in less time. We also spent some time enjoying all the Christmas decorations. We didn’t stay for nighttime, so I do wonder how festive it looked at night. Hopefully, we’ll have a chance to experience night time there on another trip.

My favorite part of the day, besides watching all the joy on their faces while on the rides, was looking at the giant LEGO Christmas tree and posing with the soldier character. The kids also go to see the Sea Life Aquarium, which was the first time they have ever been to an aquarium. They were absolutely mesmerized by the sharks. I get it; I spent a lot of time looking at the sharks too!

Overall, we had a great time experiencing Christmas at LEGOLAND California. I would highly suggest visiting during the holidays. The weather was perfect, the lines weren’t really that bad (not any worse than summer) and the decorations were very festive. Our day at LEGOLAND was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

LEGOLAND® provided admission to the park in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own.

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