4 Easy Tips for Finding Sunglasses Online

how-you-can-fnd-the-perfect-sunglasses-online-01No matter what season it is, nothing completes my look better than stylish sunglasses. Since I live in Arizona and it’s sunny more than 300 days a year, I own a lot of sunglasses. I check out people’s shades constantly.

1. Determine the Right Shape for your Face

Is your face round? Oval? Heart? Do you have a broad chin or a tiny nose? All of these little things about your face determine which sunglasses will look the best on you. I have a long face and also a pretty defined jaw line, so I look better with big frames and ones that add some width to my face, like this cat-eye style I’m wearing. This style post is a great resource, showing examples of each type of face shape and styles of glasses that work well on those shapes. This article also has a useful chart to determine face shape and styles for your shape.

how-you-can-fnd-the-perfect-sunglasses-online-032. Pick the Right Color and Material

Sunglasses colors and materials change. There were times in the past where white, printed, or brightly colored frames were all the rage. I’ve even noticed a new wood frames trend recently. Ultimately, when deciding on the color or material of the frames, you need to think about your wardrobe and style. I personally own several pairs of sunglasses, but the majority of them are black, brown, or some subtle neutral pattern. Also, I have one pair of wire frame glasses in another neutral color. I do own one wild pair of purple sunglasses, but they do not get nearly as much love as my neutral pairs.  The reason I opt for neutral frames is because they go with everything and they never go out of style. I’ve owned the same pair of Chanel frames for close to 5 years because they are black, and their shape isn’t too wild, so they always look cool.

how-you-can-fnd-the-perfect-sunglasses-online-023. Find Inspiration Online

I love to use online fashion websites to learn about the current trends and also to look for styling inspiration. These websites can be used to find your perfect shades too. You know when you see a celebrity who’s sunglasses you love? It can be tricky to figure out who designed them. Then, you figure out the designer and they cost way too much money. FlashFrames  provides a super convenient way find the style you want. You log onto their website, upload an inspirational picture of the style of frames you want, choose from the similar results, and then shop your selection from trusted retailers.

For example, if you love a celebrity’s sunglasses you saw online, you can add their picture to FlashFrames and they will provide you with similar styles to choose from. When you find the shades you like then you can shop different retailers to find them. It’s that simple.

how-you-can-fnd-the-perfect-sunglasses-online-044. Use Online Apps to Find Sunglasses Online

I had no idea until recently that there were online apps you could use to find your perfect sunglasses. Apps like FlashFrames make shopping for sunglasses online so much simpler. What I love about FlashFrames is how easy it is to find sunglasses that I want at whatever price point I prefer. I can find sunglasses that look similar to the inspired pair but at varying price points. Every pair is guaranteed authentic and can fit in every budget.

how-you-can-fnd-the-perfect-sunglasses-online-05I love my shades from FlashFrames. They are chic but totally affordable. I styled them with burgundy jeans, a color-block jacket, and white shirt (Gant c/o). This outfit is perfect for fall and the sunglasses really finish the look. If you are looking for sunglasses online or you want to find the perfect shades, check out FlashFrames on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (@getflashframes)

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