Southern California Flowers

southern-california-flowers9There are a lot of things I love about Southern California — access to gorgeous beaches, great shopping, the most amazing farmer’s markets and fresh produce. But the thing I’m reminded of most often is how gorgeous the flora is here. I officially love Southern California flowers.

flower-power-06If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m kinda obsessed with posting flowers. I can’t help it! There are just so many gorgeous flowers here.

southern-california-flowers10Most of the time I’m almost oblivious to my surroundings, chasing around my toddler or rushing on to the next errand. But somehow these flowers always catch my eye.

southern-california-flowers4A lot of these pictures were taken impromptu with my smartphone while walking around our neighborhood or trying to keep up with Rocco as he runs (his awkward toddler run) to the park.southern-california-flowers8southern-california-flowers14It doesn’t even matter what their names are or if they are the reason I experienced spring allergies for the first time. Just spotting another beautiful flower I’ve never seen before always makes my day. There’s just something about flowers that make me smile.





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