Here are 5 2021 Jewelry Trends You Will Love

2021 jewelry trends 2
Are you a jewelry wearer? I tend to focus on one major piece of jewelry at a time, but there are certain pieces I always wear. My fingers are always adorned with gold rings, and my ears are stacked with little diamond and gold earrings. However, I also like to add other fun statement pieces every now and then. I recently got these gorgeous amethyst and gold statement earrings and I love how bold they are. These new earrings inspired me to share some of the hottest 2021 jewelry trends, so here we go!

Hottest 2021 Jewelry Trends

1. Chunky Jewelry

My earrings definitely fit into the chunky jewelry trend. Chunky jewelry is big for necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Thick and chunky chairs are still very much on trend. Chockers have been big the last few seasons, and this season – the chunkier, the better. 

2. Pearl Jewelry 

Pearls are making a major comeback. I actually jumped on the pearl trend this fall with this pearl-studded coat. Now pearls are majorly hot in jewlery and also in accessories – I’m dying to get this Chanel bag. Pearls are so timeless, so even if you do pick up this trend, likely you’ll get many years of wear from any pearl pieces you add to your collection.

3. Bold Bangle Bracelets

2021 jewelry trends
This one overlaps with the chunky trend, but bold bangles are really on trend. Big and layered bangles are one of the major 2021 jewlery trends. I personally love wearing bangles and all types of gold bracelets, so here are a few of my favorites. 

4. Metal Balls

Jewelry with chains and metal balls are very popular for 2021. I’ve actually noticed many of them come in silver. I tend to prefer gold jewelry, but silver does look great with the right outfit. 

5. Long Necklaces

Although chockers are definitely still around this year, long necklaces are also making a comeback. They tend to be heavier and larger, carrying on the chunky vibe even in long necklaces. 

These are just a few of the hot 2021 jewelry trends. I love adding new jewelry to my collection because it is such an easy way to update a look without having to buy new clothes.  Check out below for some of my favorite pieces!

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My earrings were gifted from German Kabirski

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