Here are 10 Affordable Winter Coats for Women Under $50

Are you the type of person who has one winter coat? Or do you have multiple? Growing up, my parents believed we should invest in one high-quality winter coat and wear it to death. I do still own one expensive, high-quality coat that I take to cold climates (like when I was in Seattle last Christmas). But, I also like to change it up and have other options. That’s why I decided to share affordable winter coats for women. Below, I’m sharing 9 coats under $50. You can see there are some really great options, so you don’t have to get stuck wearing the same coat over and over.

{Stacey’s Look: Jacket; Dress; Boots; Purse; Lipcolor}

affordable winter coats 3
Now that I live in Los Angeles, there are very few times I need a full-blown winter coat. But there are plenty of times I do need a warmer layer. At night, it can drop into the 40s. So, having a few light winter coats on hand is a great option. As you can see from my styling choice, its all about the layers where I live. During the day, I can take off the jacket and just rock this little red plaid dress with my docs. At night, I’ll add a thicker layer to keep me warm.

affordable winter coats 2
This entire look is definitely channeling the early 90s grunge era. I wore Doc Martens like it was a religion in the 90s. I owned almost a dozen pairs. They are ultra-comfortable, especially paired with this babydoll style dress. I chose a bright red lipstick to finish off the look. Although, in the early 90s, I would have chosen a darker – closer to black – shade. Nonetheless, this look is very nostalgic for me, and very on-trend for 2020. 

affordable winter coats
If you’d like to add some more affordable winter coats for women to your wardrobe, here are 9 of my favorite jackets. All of them are under $50. 

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