These 4 Amazing Christmas Events in Seattle are Guaranteed Fun

We received a complimentary trip to Seattle and admission to the Christmas events in Seattle. All opinions are my own. Thank you, Visit Seattle for sponsoring our trip.

Seattle has been on my travel bucket list for many years. I’ve been enamored with Seattle since the 90s. I was a big Nirvana fan and I’m an avid Starbucks drinker. Since those things came out of Seattle, it must be a place I’d like.

When we first arrived in Seattle, we checked into the Loews Hotel 1000. It is located right in the heart of the city. The location was perfect for taking in all of the classic Seattle sites and also was super convenient for checking out all the Christmas activities. The hotel, itself, also got in the Christmas spirit with a gingerbread mailbox in the lobby where your kids can write their very own letter to Santa, which my kids loved.

When Visit Seattle invited me to experience Christmas events in Seattle, I didn’t know what to expect,  but I knew I was excited to find out. Other than a trip to the Space Needle and Pike’s Place Market, I wasn’t sure what there was to do in Seattle. I had no idea there would be so many fun Christmas events in Seattle, and I had no idea the city would be so kid-friendly. There were a lot of fun holiday moments, but there were four main Christmas events I’d highly suggest you do if you get to visit Seattle during the holidays.

4 Awesome Christmas Events in Seattle

1. Enchant Seattle at T-Mobile Park

Enchant Seattle is in its second year in Seattle. It’s a large event that takes place at T-Mobile Park, where the Mariner’s play baseball. We were lucky enough to get VIP tickets which afforded us a much shorter line to get in and a buffet dinner. We also didn’t have to wait in line at all to enter the stadium or to ice skate. The buffet dinner was great. They had a lot of healthy options and kid-friendly options so everyone was happy.

After we ate, we entered the stadium and received a little postcard with a scavenger hunt. The goal of the scavenger hunt was to find the lost toys, which were giant light-up toy structures. My kids had the best time during the scavenger hunt. They loved getting to explore the stadium and scratch off their next circle as they found each of the eight lost toys.

Probably my favorite part of Enchant Seattle was getting to ice skate. The skating rink was really nice. It was gorgeously decorated and the ice was actually in great condition for skating. I grew up ice skating, so I know my way around a rink. My kids have only skated one other time, so it was a bit of a struggle, but we still had a lot of fun.

Enchant Seattle exceeded any expectations I had for Christmas events in Seattle. The decorations and lights were so gorgeous and the environment just felt so cheery. It really put me in the holiday spirit.

Christmas events in Seattle 2


2. Wildlights at Woodland Park Zoo

The second Christmas event in Seattle that I loved was our trip to Wildlights. Wildlights is an annual event that takes place at the Woodland Park Zoo. The entire zoo is filled with Christmas lights in every direction. The paths that lead throughout the zoo are lined with lights in every color you can imagine. There were also fun activities for kids. My kids especially enjoyed throwing the plush snowballs at each other.

The only struggle with this event was that it is mostly outdoors and it was drizzling the night we attended the event. Unlike Enchant, which is completely indoors, most of Wildlights does happen outside. I wish we had brought umbrellas with us. It wasn’t raining hard enough for us to leave, but the drizzle did put a bit of a damper on being outside. If you do attend this event, I’d highly encourage you to bring umbrellas.

Despite the rain, we still had a great time at the event and really enjoyed all the vibrant colors and holiday spirit.

3. Visit Santa at the Space Needle

One of our favorite stops in Seattle was to visit the famous Space Needle.  During the holidays, they have special decorations and even times when you can visit Santa. The view of Seattle from the Space Needle is quite magical. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see it at night, but even during the day, there were festive decorations inside that lit up space. I did see Santa’s sleigh and the area where he would have been. It was all quite beautiful, so I would definitely suggest you plan your visit so you can meet Santa too!

Christmas events in Seattle

4. Gingerbread Village at Sheraton Grand

Another one of the fun Christmas events in Seattle was when we visited the Gingerbread Village at the Sheraton Grand Hotel. In its 27th year, we were able to see some of the most intricate and gorgeous gingerbread houses I’ve ever seen. The level of detail and design was out of this world. My kids were mesmerized by one of the houses. It had automated elf-on-the-shelf characters that moved throughout the house. If you’re in Seattle during the holidays, you should definitely stop by to check out the unbelievable houses.

There are so many fun things to with kids in Seattle it’s amazing. If you do get a chance to visit Seattle during the holidays, I’d highly encourage it. There are so many neat Christmas events in Seattle you will love.

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