Here are 4 Tips That Help Me Manage a Busy Mom Life

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To say I’m a busy mom would be an understatement. With my kids at home so much more, and telecommuting for my job, I’ve had to work a lot harder to stay organized so I can manage my busy mom life. Many people have asked me over the years how I manage a full-time job as a university administrator, a full-time blogging business, and all of my duties as a mom. I’m not superwoman, and I promise you, it’s not always pretty. There are many days when I fail at one or more of my jobs. But, I keep trying, and learning as I go, to be as productive and happy as I can be. I bet you’re really busy too, so here are some tips on how I manage my busy mom life.

1.    Keep a Daily and Weekly To-Do List

This is probably an obvious one, but I use lots of different sources to keep lists. For my groceries, I use a smart device in my home so it updates automatically to an app—so I always have my shopping list with me. For all of my kids’ events, I use an old-school wipe board calendar. To keep track of my blogging business, I use an online spreadsheet along with many online folders to organize all of my work. I also use the calendar feature on my website to keep all of my work organized. As for my ‘day job’, I use several online tools and software to stay organized.

Not only do I use technology, I also use a chalk board to write out things I keep forgetting or important tasks for the day or week. I generally prefer to keep most of my lists on various apps, online calendars or in online folders or spreadsheets. I still use the good ‘ole pen and paper sometimes too. There is not one right way to stay organized, but you just need to try different ways and see what works best for you to manage your busy mom life.

2.    Add a Daily Pick-Me-Up

My new favorite daily pick me up is the new Sparkling Ice® +Caffeine. It has yummy fruit flavors like Cherry Vanilla and Blue Raspberry and Black Raspberry and is infused with just enough caffeine to give me the boost of energy that I need. It has zero sugar, only 5 calories, comes in a variety of flavors and includes antioxidants and vitamins too. I picked mine up at my local Vons store. It was conveniently located in the water aisle. Also, make sure to check out the Vons app for coupons. I absolutely love Sparkling Ice because it feels like a treat without any of the negatives that come with other carbonated and sugary drinks.


3.    Prioritize Exercise

busy mom life 2Although there are many days I just simply don’t feel like working out at home, I’ve noticed that the days I work out, I have way more energy. The days I skip working out, I’m dragging. Exercise actually gives you more energy. It also helps reduce stress, improves your health, and improves your mood. Even if you don’t have a ton of time to work out, at least make time to go for walks in your neighborhood, or do some squats or lunges in your living room.

4.    Work on Mindfulness

busy mom life 1
One thing that I really struggle with is being present and mindful in my daily life. I am often so focused on the future that I do not enjoy or focus on the present. With my kids being home so much more, I do struggle to prioritize all of my daily tasks, in addition to making time for them as well. I don’t have amazing tips on how to be more mindful and present, other than to say that it’s a learned skill and something you need to practice every day. When you find yourself focusing too much on the future or crossing off the next thing on your list, take a breath, step back, and just be in the moment. For me, that usually means taking time to talk to my kids or have meaningful conversations (or even silly conversations). Take the time out of your busy mom life to give them a big hug or a kiss, take time simply to be. Even if you’re working, you can take a quick break to just sit, breathe, and reset. 

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I hope these 4 tips on how I manage my busy mom life are helpful. I’d also love to hear from you. How do you manage the multiple priorities of being a mom? Leave a comment below.

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