Here are 10 Floral Bomber Jackets I Love

Do you like floral prints? I definitely do on dresses, but I wasn’t sure about floral prints on other things. When I saw this floral print bomber jacket, I thought it was unique and fun. I’m pretty obsessed with jackets so I don’t mind a statement piece like this that I can throw on every now and then. I’m a pretty big fan of floral print bomber jackets, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you.

floral print bomber jackets 2
I recently wore this one to a happy hour with a friend. When I asked what they thought, they said it was cute but loud. Yep, it is. It’s super loud, which is why I paired it with all dark colors.

{Stacey’s Look: Jacket; leggings; shirt; heels (similar); purse}

There’s nothing wrong with being loud, every now and then. I don’t usually wear such bright and vibrant clothing, but I think this jacket is super fun for fall. I also just loved the print. It’s lightweight, but perfect for chilly fall evenings in southern California.

As for styling, I chose to wear it with my new favorite leggings, some high heel mules and a simple long black T-shirt. I didn’t even wear any extra accessories because I thought the jacket was enough. The thing about a statement jacket is that the rest of the look needs to be pretty simple to balance out the big print.

floral print bomber jackets 1
Overall, I’m in love with this jacket and I felt really cute the day I wore this look. If you’re interested in adding floral bomber jackets to your fall wardrobe, here are some of my favorites.

Floral Bomber Jackets I Love

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