This is How I Designed My New 6 Chair Dining Room Set

I received this 6 chair dining room set from Interior Define. All opinions are my own.

When I first started looking for places in LA, none of the spaces really excited me. Most of them felt closed off, outdated, lacked good light, or were just rather blah. Most of my efforts to find our new home happened online. Since we still lived in Boston, I had to do our home shopping via all the real estate websites, and Craigslist. It’s not very easy to make a decision just based on pictures. I did come out in December to try to find a place in person, but I left, after nearly a week in LA, without a place.

But when I saw our place in pictures, I felt differently. Maybe they had a really great photographer, or maybe it was a great place. It appeared to have so much natural light, especially in the living room/dining room area. It had lovely wood floors, and tons of windows. I remember, what sold me most about this place, was the size and arrangement of the living area downstairs. The dining room was so spacious and I loved the light fixture and natural light that poured in.

I’ve rented and owned homes with dining rooms before, but never spaces that felt so warm. I knew I needed to find a 6 chair dining room set to fill the space. In reality, the space could have used even a larger table, but given my family size, I thought a 6 chair dining room set would be perfect.

My friends at Interior Define partnered with me to create a custom dining room set I would love. If you haven’t heard of Interior Define before, they create custom furniture, designed by you! You get to select all of the elements to create tables and chairs just as you want them.

To start the process, you can request different material swatches. You can select different wood types for the table, as well as leather and cloth material for the chairs. That way, you can actually feel the materials and decide what you like best. I ordered three different woods and about 10 different materials for the chairs.

After a lot of debate, I decided on the oak for the table top, and matte brass for the legs. I opted for the medium-sized table that would fit 4-8 people in the rectangular shape. I chose rectangular because it does work the best in our space. They also offer square and circle shapes in various sizes.

As for the chairs, they offer three different styles. I went back and forth on choosing the chair style. I absolutely love the style I chose (the Audrey), however, I also love the Kit style. Unfortunately, they can’t make the Kit style with leather materials, so that’s why I chose the Audrey. I really wanted leather (rather than cloth) because I though they would wear better. I know leather might seem like a strange choice for dining room, but leather actually cleans up really easily. Leather is also so timeless and holds up really well with kids. I chose to do matching brass legs on the chairs. They also offer wood options.

Interior Define made the entire process such a breeze. Their website walks you through the entire process of designing the furniture, just as you want it. You can play with different materials, sizes, and shapes to see what will look best for you. They also have a few in-person show rooms across the country where you can go to see their pieces in person.

Once I placed my order, it took about 8 weeks for the pieces to arrive. When they got here, their delivery team set everything up for us, which was so nice. I’m so in love with my 6 chair dining room set. It is really chic and stylized, yet totally works for my family. We’ve had many family dinners in our new space, and it’s so nice to finally have a finished space.

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