Here Are The 3 Reasons I Chose a Star Theme Kid Bedroom

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When we left Boston, one of the first things I decided right away was that it was time to redesign my kids’ bedroom. My daughter was still sleeping in her crib that converted to a day bed and my son was sleeping in a hand-me-down twin that was really a girl’s bed (white with scalloped details). Not that there was anything wrong with his bed, but it wasn’t really his style and their room basically had no design elements at all. After searching several websites for bedding ideas, I decided on a star theme bedroom for my kids.

I chose to focus on the bedding first, because I figured it would be the most difficult to find gender neutral bedding. Most of it either skews super masculine (trucks, cars, super heroes, dinosaurs) or ultra feminine (princesses, hearts, bows, all pink everything).  Once I spotted this bedding, I knew a star theme kids bedroom was just what I would do. Here are the three reasons I think this star theme bedroom is perfect for my kids.

1. They Can Grow Into It

I decided on a star theme bedroom for a few reasons. First, I want the kids to be able to keep this bedroom theme for awhile. I don’t want to continuously have to get new bedroom decor every year or two. I also didn’t want the room to feel too young. Although my kids are still very young, I didn’t want an overly cutesy room either.

Don’t get me wrong, a little cartoon character themed room can be adorable, but it aligns so closely with their ages. This room theme is something that feels a little more chic, a little older, so I do think it is something my kids can grow into. If it feels too old for you, you could also add cutesy elements. There are plenty of ways to make it feel age appropriate while keeping the larger elements (the bed frame, the bed spread) less tied to a specific age range.

{Room Details: Bedding; Pillow; Nightlight; Frame; Flying Pig; Dresser; Bed Frame; hanging moons}

The best way to make a room feel younger or older really depends on the types of accessories you choose. For example, the cloud pillows I have on their beds right now, they feel younger. In a few years, I’d probably opt for something different. Artwork is also a great way to change the feeling of the room without having to invest a lot of money. Although I actually didn’t choose art work that felt younger, I know there are a lot of cute options, like clouds and moons that look like cartoons.

I also chose furniture that I knew would work for their room for years to come. I opted for this bunk bed and this dresser because the pieces work for their current age, but also feel mature enough that they can work for them for many more years. Originally, I wanted to get this adorable bunk bed – I do love this piece and know my kids would adore it. But I also know there would be a point of time where it felt too young. I also knew my kids would fight over who would get to sleep on top.

I’m beyond thrilled with the bed and dresser I chose for my kids’ room. It is very high-quality, gender neutral, can be used with nearly any room theme, and will definitely grow with them. Just like the star theme bedroom I chose, the furniture also works so well regardless of their age and the style of the room.

2. It is Gender Neutral

Although they are brother and sister, I decided they will continue to share a room for awhile. First of all, they are still really young. All of the things about being opposite sex just don’t concern me. Second, they love each other so much, they are the best playmates, and they really enjoy sharing a room. Although I wanted to capture their personalities with the room, it is hard to create a gender neutral bedroom while also speaking to who they are. One of the main reasons I chose the star theme is because it definitely feels gender neutral. Who doesn’t like stars? I do think it skews slightly more feminine, but I’m OK with that. I don’t think that boys rooms need to just be trucks or dinosaurs.

3. It is Easy To Change and Update

Just imagine, you spent way too much money on a gender-specific theme, such as your children’s current favorite cartoon character. Then, one month later, they are no longer into that character. By choosing something like stars, there is no specific age or even likes tied to the theme. It is easy to adapt and change if your child suddenly expresses a dis-like of stars. I used these star decals that can easily be removed. As I already mentioned, the bed and dresser can really work with any theme. It would also be very easy to change the entire room around simply by getting new bedding, changing out some of the accessories, and removing the decals.

Overall, I’m really happy with how the kids’ room turned out. I’m still on the hunt for cute little star and sky accessories to finish off the space. But so far, I love it. The kids seem to love it too. If you’re looking for some great furniture to complete your kids’ room, definitely check out my friends at Furniture of America. I know I’m glad I did.

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