Here Are The Top 5 Lemon Recipes I’d Make Again


Moving back to California, one of the things I looked most forward to was all of the produce. I had no idea that I would actually find a lemon tree, with ripe lemons, in my yard! The first day we arrived, my kids were super excited to see the vibrant yellow lemons hanging, very ripely, from the tree off of our patio. They immediately asked if they could pick them, but I told them we needed to wait a little longer to be sure they were ripe. I also needed a little more time for my kitchen tools to arrive so I could actually make something. Now that we have all of our kitchen supplies, it’s about time I do something with these gorgeous lemons. I still haven’t settled on a recipe, but I dug through the archives to find the 5 lemon recipes I’d make again. All of these recipes are super yummy and ultra-lemony.

I’m such a lemon fan. I actually became a much bigger lemon fan the first time I was pregnant. You know how most women crave strange things like pickles? Well, my strangest craving was for all things lemon. The more tart the better.

If you happen to love lemon as much as I do, definitely check out the 5 lemon recipes I’d make again. I’m extra partial to the lemon bars and the bundt cakes, but all of them are super yummy! I’ve been blogging for over 5 years, and I actually forgot some of the lemon recipes we’ve made. It’s fun to dig through the archives every now and then!

5 Lemon Recipes I’d Make Again

1. French Lavender Lemon Bars

2. Lemon Bundt Cakes

flavored ice cubes 1

3. Raspberry Ginger Lemonade

4. Lemon-Lime Margherita Pops


5. Homemade Limoncello

I’m still searching for the perfect recipe to use the luscious lemons in my backyard. What’s your favorite lemon recipe? If you have one you love, shoot me an email or send me a DM on social!



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