Raspberry Ginger Lemonade with Flavored Ice Cubes

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flavored ice cubes 1I love lemonade. It was the drink I craved continuously during my pregnancies. I especially love it in the summer when it’s 110 (Phoenix gets mighty hot!).  Simply Lemonade® invited me to create a drink recipe, so I decided to highlight the yummy lemonade by creating fruit and herb flavored ice cubes to create raspberry ginger lemonade.

flavored ice cubes 2Instead of flavoring the lemonade itself, I thought it would be fun to flavor the ice cubes as a way to impart some interesting flavor without distracting too much from the all-natural great taste of the lemonade. Also, flavored ice cubes are so pretty! By freezing fruit and herbs with purified water, you can create really beautiful ice cubes to serve with Simply Lemonade at your next summer party.flavored ice cubes 3It is so simple to create flavored ice cubes and you can use almost any fruit and herbs you like. I chose to use berries because they fit so nicely in the 1-inch ice cube trays. Also, I really love the square ice cubes, as I think they look so much prettier in glasses than your standards ice cubes.raspberry-ginger-lemonade-with-flavored-ice-cubes-05The raspberry and ginger lemonade turned out so well! As the ice cubes began to melt, the raspberry and ginger flavors started infusing into the lemonade for a little fruity and spicy kick. It is a really refreshing and yummy drink to share with family and friends. Plus, the pops of red look so pretty floating in the glass, as the lemonade turns just the slightest bit pink.raspberry ginger lemonade with flavored ice cubesBeyond looking really pretty, the berries and the herbs I chose pair so well with Simply Lemonade®. Just like the lemonade, the flavored ice cubes are just a few ingredients, all-natural, and impart a fresh taste with no artificial ingredients. I’m so excited to serve these flavored ice cubes with Simply Lemonade the next time I’m entertaining or headed to a BBQ.raspberry ginger lemonade with flavored ice cubesIf you want to try out the berry and her flavored ice cubes, check out the recipe below. Be sure to pick up your own Simply Lemonade® at Sam’s Club for only $3.58 all summer long.

How do you like to flavor your lemonade?

Raspberry Ginger Lemonade with Flavored Ice Cubes


1.25 L Simply Lemonade
1 Small Container Fresh Raspberries
Fresh Ginger; Thumb Size Piece

For Two Other Optional Ice Cube Flavors

Mint and Blueberries
Sage and Blackberries


First, the water needs to be purified. This helps to ensure the ice cubes freeze as clear as possible. If you don’t have time to do this step, you can use tap water, but your ice cubes will be more cloudy. To purify the water, simply add the water to a large pot and boil the water. Let it cool completely, and then boil it one more time. Let it sit until room temperature, and then it is ready for us.

Fill the ice cube trays (I used these 1-inch trays) with the desired amount of ginger and berries. I added 2-3 berries and 2-3 slices of ginger to each ice cube tray. I also paired the mint with the blueberries and the sage with the blackberries for two additional flavors. You can use any combination of herbs and fruit that you like.

Once you place the fruit and herbs in the ice cube molds, add water until the tray is full. You may notice that the herbs or some of the berries float to the top. That is OK! I tried to bury some of the herbs under the berries to keep some of the herbs on the bottom, but I wasn’t always successful. They still look cool even if they float to the top.

Freeze for several hours until frozen through.

To make the raspberry and ginger lemonade, simply add 3-4 ice cubes to the bottom of a glass and pour Simply Lemonade over the top of the ice. I like to serve mine with a cute straw for added color. Enjoy!



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    These are beautiful and such a fun idea to cool off a drink and add a little extra kick to the Simply Lemonade! Love it! ~ Client

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