I Was Not Expecting The Getty Gardens to Be So Gorgeous

the gettyIf you’ve followed my travels on Instagram this year, you know I’ve spent quite a bit of time in southern California. Although I actually lived there for a few years and visit regularly, this was my first trip to the Getty. It’s one of those places I’d heard about, but I never took the time to drive up there. I had a free day on my most recent trip to LA, so I decided it was time. I’m so glad I made the decision to spend the day at the Getty. It was so worth it.

The reason I finally decided to visit the Getty is because they have a fashion photography exhibition right now that I wanted to check out. (I got so many beautiful photos that I’m actually going to post about that another time). Ironically, I wasn’t expecting to actually love the external features of the Getty even more than the galleries.

the getty 2My absolute favorite part of the experience was wandering around the gardens. There were several gorgeous fountains, so many beautiful flowers, and calm walking paths throughout the property. I found it so relaxing to just stroll through the gardens, taking in the beautiful nature around me and enjoying the occasional art sculpture I’d happen upon.

The other amazing thing about wandering around the gardens was experiencing the architecture from outside. All of the buildings are so unique. Some have very sharp angles, others are curved. Juxtaposing the natural elements with the man-made elements, studded with art, it was a visual playground for my eyes.

I spent the longest time just wandering around the gardens, sitting on a bench taking in the city and ocean views. (Seriously, you can see the ocean from up there!) Although I did enjoy the exhibits I walked through, by far, the Getty gardens were the stand-out experience for me.

The other thing I loved about my Getty experience was the journey up to the museum and the train ride down. If you haven’t been there yet, you actually take a little tram from the parking structure up to the buildings on top of a large hill. On the ride, you can see the freeway and views of the valleys below. It was just a really cool experience and I could definitely see my kids loving it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to bring them there soon.

If you’re in LA anytime soon, I highly suggest you take a day and visit the Getty. I arrived right when it opened, and that was a great decision. Literally, I had no wait, and got there before the crowds arrived. If you go to the Getty some time soon, I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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