9 Fall Shoe Trends You Should Try This Season


9 Fall Shoe Trends You Should Try This Season

I have a shoe addiction problem. Since we just moved, I had to buy three shoe racks to fit all my shoes, and my poor husband didn’t even get one. Although I do have a shoe problem, lucky for me, I already own several pairs that fit into the major fall shoe trends this season. Despite my overabundance of shoes, I still like to keep an eye on the trends and there are a lot of great ones this year. If you’re looking for new shoes for fall, here are the top 9 trends you should try.

9 Fall Shoes Trends

1. Combat Boots

It’s so weird to see that Doc Martin’s are back in style. I rocked Docs all through high school. My favorites were a bronzy-metallic pair. This season, combat boots are back in full effect.

2. Sparkle Boots

Quite opposite of a combat boot, sparkly boots are very on trend this fall. The more sparkle the better!

3. Embellished Heels

One of my favorite fall shoe trends is funky heels – the more bizarre and intricate, the better.

4. Velvet Shoes

As I mentioned in the fall 2017 fashion trends, velvet is back in a big way. I personally only like to wear velvet in jackets and shoes, so it definitely works for me to add them to my shoe wardrobe.

5. White Shoes

Red is a hot color this season, but more surprising, white is also on trend. A lot of people shy away from wearing white after Labor Day, but don’t worry about it! You can rock white year-round.


6. Red Boots

Bright red boots are majorly on trend this fall. The style of the red boots vary from cowboy to pointy toe to slouchy, but the more vibrant the red the better.

7. Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are having a moment this fall. Then are comfortable and can incorporate some of the other trends of the season (like red or white), if you’re so inclined.

8. Satin and Silk Shoes

A lot of the heels this season are in very feminine materials like silk and satin. Bright colors make these soft materials really pop.  You can pair them with a cocktail dress or make them edgy with some frayed denim.

9. Slouchy Boots

A pretty regular for fall trends, the slouchy boots are back this season. Suede boots give the best slouch, in my opinion, but there are lots of options this fall.

These are some of the hot fall shoe trends for the season. Which is your favorite? On the top of my list, I definitely want to get a pair of red boots.

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