3 Chic Tips for Wearing White After Labor

3-chic--tips-for-wearing-white-after-labor-day-03You’ve heard it before…wearing white after labor day is not allowed. Who created this arbitrary rule away? I personally think it is a dumb rule and most fashion rules are made to be broken. Since we are only a week away, I wanted to tell you that you can and should wearing white after Labor day! There are tons of ways to make wearing white after Labor Day still feel really chic and fashion forward.

3-chic--tips-for-wearing-white-after-labor-day-01In Arizona, it doesn’t actually feel like fall until November, at the earliest. That means, I generally wear sandals well into the fall and only break out my boots and fall jackets once the temps drop below 80. I wear white throughout the year, but I follow a few styling rules.

3-chic--tips-for-wearing-white-after-labor-day-021. Choose One White Piece at a Time

Although it is totally on trend to rock monochromatic look, I personally like to break up my white pieces with other colors. If you do want to go monochromatic, I would choose ivory or winter white rather than stark white. Just the slightest shift from white to ivory doesn’t feel out of place in the fall and winter.

If you do want to wear white, make sure you pair your white blazer or white jeans with other pieces that transition well to fall or winter. For example, if you paired your skinny white jeans with chunky suede boots and an oversized knit sweater in a deeper color, like burgundy or army green, you’d be fall ready.

3-chic--tips-for-wearing-white-after-labor-day-06I chose to pair my white blazer with a bold tangerine colored midi dress, brown accessories, and brown heels. The weather is still really hot in AZ, but to make this look feel a little more fall-like, I would add brown leather booties and a wool hat.

{Stacey’s Look: Ann Taylor Dress; LOFT Blazer (similar); JORD Watch; Chloe Handbag; Banana Republic Heels (similar); Banana Republic Necklace (similar); Ann Taylor Bracelets}

3-chic--tips-for-wearing-white-after-labor-day-042. Pick Suede and Leather Accent Pieces

To make white skinny jeans or a white top feel more fall-like, leather and/or suede accents take you there. Although my shoes are open toe, they are a grainy leather with bold gold accent pieces, giving off a fall vibe. As I said above, had I chosen leather booties, this look would have even felt more fall-like. My brown leather purse works well for fall and the wooden watch in a rich dark zebra brown just feels right for fall.

If you have a white dress you want to wear this fall or winter, throw on a brown suede or leather jacket with tights and leather or suede booties. Instantly, you’ll be ready for cooler weather.

3-chic--tips-for-wearing-white-after-labor-day-053. Add Wool and Knit Pieces

As I mentioned above, to take white pieces to fall and winter, it’s all about the accessories. Throw on a wool scarf or beanie, and your white jeans or white blazer will instantly feel more weather-appropriate.

Wool and other knits give off a cool-weather vibe. If you have white jeans, pair it with a chunky knit. If you have a white blazer, wear it over a sweater dress. Your white dress could easily be topped with a long wool duster, which is on trend this fall.

I hope my style tips will help you find creative ways to wear your white pieces this fall and spring. Did I miss anything? How do you like wearing white after Labor Day?

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