8 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

8-simple-spring-cleaning-tipsToday is the first day of spring! This time of year, I always feel this itch to give my house a deep clean. So I’m sharing 8 simple spring cleaning tips to help you get your house in top shape fast.

8 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Organize Your Closets

I wrote an entire post about how to clean and organize your closet, so check that out! Cleaning out my closet is one of the first things I do every spring because I always feel a weight lifted off my shoulders when I get rid of old clothes, shoes and accessories weight me down.

2. Clean Painted Walls

Start with a clean cloth or sponge with water and rub the stained area. If that doesn’t work, mix water with a small amount of dish washing liquid and try again. If the stain still remains, add a few drops of soap directly to the sponge or wash cloth and try again. If none of these things work, you might need to try a stronger cleaner, like Formula 409. Stronger cleaners might soften the paint surface, so use sparingly. Make sure you rinse the wall with water after any of these cleaning methods.

3. Clean Carpets

To keep your carpet as clean as possible, vacuum often and change your filters regularly. One article I read said to vacuum every day! That seems a bit much to me, but try to vacuum weekly and change your filter often. I tend to change mine when it seems heavily stained and dust-filled. For high traffic areas, The articles I read suggested you hire a professional cleaner up to 4 times a year. I think this is a bit overkill, but I would suggest at least a minimum of once a year. You can also rent your own rug cleaner and do it yourself. It’s super easy to do and the outcome is quite good. I’ve rented carpet cleaners from Home Depot in the past.

4. Take Care of Tile

Spring is the perfect time to give some attention to your tile. I personally like to use Magic Erasers for my tile and grout, but I’ve also read creating a neutral pH balanced formula works quite well. You can make a simple tile and grout cleaner by mixing ½ cup of baking soda into two gallons of water and mix well.

5. Clean Area Rugs

Unlike regular carpet, area rugs only need to be cleaned every 3-5 years, depending on how heavy the traffic. You don’t want to over-clean them because they are less sturdy than carpet flooring. To treat stains, use club soda and act fast. Right when you get (or notice) stain, pour club soda on the stain, let it sink in, and blot, blot, blot until the stain is gone. If this trick doesn’t work, call in a professional rug cleaner if the stain is bothering you.

6. Care for Wood Floors

The best way to maintain your wood floors is to clean them weekly with a damp mop and a mild soap, like Murphy’s Oil Soap. You can protect your floors by placing furniture protectors under the feet of your furniture and use saucers under plants to avoid water damage.

7. Clean Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

If you haven’t noticed, ceiling fans and light fixtures always seem to be the last thing people remember to clean. I can’t even count how many apartments I’ve moved into with filthy ceiling fans and light fixtures. The way I clean them is simple. I spray dust cleaner on a piece of paper towel and run it from the inside of the fan blade to the end. Oftentimes, dust falls off onto the floor, and then I will vacuum that up later. It can be pretty nasty, but it’s so nice once they are clean! Same goes for light figures – work from the inside out or top-down so the dust falls with gravity.

8. Clean Windows

There is a reason you see professional window cleaners use squeegees, they work really well! To clean your windows, dip a sponge in warm water with just a few drops of mild dish cleaner. Wet the window and rub the dirt downward and away from the window. Dampen the squeegee and run it down the window, starting in the upper corner. Wipe the rubber edge of the squeegee with the sponge after each stroke. Once the window is all done, you can dry the windowsill with a dry cloth.

For more simple spring cleaning tips, here are some other sources I used to create this post. What’s on the top of your spring cleaning list?

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  1. Keeping your carpets cleaned is very difficult. I like what you said about how you should vacuum often and change the filter regularly. I didn’t realize that changing the filter could make a huge difference. It might also be smart to get your carpets cleaned professionally on a regular basis as well.

    1. Thanks for the comment Emily! I completely agree–a professional carpet clean is always so much better!

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