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How to Dress for Casual Fridays

how to dress for casual fridays 07Ever wonder how to dress for casual Fridays? It is a balancing act because you want to break out your jeans, but you also need to make sure you aren’t too casual.

how-to-dress-for-casual-fridays-05For a lot of companies, almost anything goes for casual Fridays. I’ve seen people wearing shorts, leggings, ripped jeans and athleisure pants. Even though you might be able to wear ultra casual clothes to the office, I wouldn’t suggest it. It is one thing to feel comfortable, but it is another to think about how people percieve you.

how-to-dress-for-casual-fridays-06I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but what you wear and how you present yourself matters. Yes, it might be somewhat superficial. It might even seem unfair, but it is the reality of the world we live in. People judge you and reward you for how you look, how you act, and how you put yourself out in the world. Dressing well for work will help you get ahead because people will perceive you as taking your position more seriously. Plus, dressing well also boosts your self esteem and confidence.

how-to-dress-for-casual-fridays-01{Stacey’s Look: Akris Punto Jacket (Similar); Old Navy Jeans; LOFT Blouse; Chloe Purse; Prada Shoes (Similar); Ann Taylor Necklace (Similar)}

So how do I master casual Fridays? I have a casual Friday uniform that I rotate so I always look put together but still comfortable every week.

How to Dress for Casual Fridays — What you need:

1. Fitted Blazer

To create a polished work-appropriate look, you need to include a well-cut, well-fitting blazer. Blazers are one of the items in my closet I’m always willing to invest a little more money in because they immediately create a put-together look. You can find great blazers at many different price points. I recently saw this one at Banana Republic and it’s on my current wish list. I have lots of blazers in my closet, but I tend to rotate the black and navy ones in the most. Neutral colors go with everything, so grabbing these blazers always creates a finished look.

2. Nice Jeans

When it comes to wearing denim to the office, I prefer to choose a uniform, darker washed, skinny jeans. I do think it is appropriate in some offices to wear trendier jeans that have rips in the knees or a more washed-out look, but for my office setting, I avoid those. I personally love the look of skinny jeans with blazers, but you could also try flare jeans that are so popular this spring.

3. High Heels

how-to-dress-for-casual-fridays-03I wear flats to work on a regular basis, because there are so many stylish options available. But when it comes to how to dress for casual Fridays, I always insist on wearing heels with jeans. Wearing heels helps make the look more polished. Heels also add a dimension of sexy while also emphasizing toned legs in skinny jeans. I often wear simple heels, but I also like to add fun elements too. Finding heels with a funky print or in a bright color can add visual interest to your look.

4. Statement Jewelry

You will hardly ever find me without a statement necklace around my neck. I love necklaces, so almost always through one on to add some shine to my casual Friday looks. I almost always wear the same diamond studs, my wedding ring and the little stacking rings. Every now and then, I’ll throw on a chunky ring or bangles too. With your casual Friday look, you can add any of these elements, just ensure you add a piece that adds some shine and bling to your look.

5. Nice Bag

how-to-dress-for-casual-fridays-04I’m a handbag junkie. I love designer bags because they elevate everyday looks. Even when I’m wearing a sweatshirt and jeans on the weekend with chucks, I’ll carry my Chloe bag and instantly feel more put together. It’s not the cost of the bag (I get almost all of my second-hand), it’s the quality of the materials used. Take my Chloe bag, you can tell it is genuine leather with high quality hardware that really pops. If you are interested in resale like me, check out this link for my favorite online shopping tips.

Another Jeans and Blazer Look



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