Things You Should Buy In March

things you should buy in marchDid you know there are better months than others to buy everyday items like frozen food, TVs or luggage? Me neither. I saw this video and it got me thinking, what are the things you should buy March?

1. Frozen Food

Believe it or not, March is National Frozen Food Month. If you have a deep freezer, this is the best time to stock up on frozen foods that you can have for the next several months. Check out this link for promotions and savings.

2. Luggage

Thinking about your summer vacation? Well March is the time to score great deals on luggage. Several websites mentioned you will get great deals on luggage this month, up to 50% off. Some of the big box department stores are places to check out to find good deals.

3. Televisions

New TVs make their appearance in January and Japanese manufacturers’ fiscal year ends in March, so this is the time they are cutting prices to get rid of old inventory.  Get the best deals on TVs this in March.

4. Winter Sports Apparel

Winter is almost over, so March is the best time to find good prices on winter sports apparel. Stock up for next winter to get the biggest savings.

5. Jewelry

Valentine’s Day is over so now is the time to get good prices on jewelry. March is known as a month not to give gifts, which is why the prices are so low. Take advantage of the lower prices to think ahead to upcoming birthdays or even for next year’s Christmas presents.

6. Chocolate

Just like Jewelry, March is a time when people are done giving chocolate because it peaked for Valentine’s Day. If you love chocolate, this is the month to grab it at a deep discount.

What other good deals have you found so far in March?

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