Best Things to Buy in April

best things to buy in April

Last month, I started this new series of the best things to buy each month. I never really thought about the best time to make purchases, which is odd, since I consider myself a pretty savvy shopper. Now that I realize it, I’m on the hunt each month — here are the best things to buy in April.


Since not many people travel in April, you can sometimes score good deals on upcoming summer travel, like cruises, according to Lifehacker.  If cruises aren’t your thing, this is also a good time to check out summer travel deals on sites like Travelocity and Expedia.


With summer right around the corner, April is the perfect month for runners to hit the pavement again. Since a lot of people start exercising more in the spring and summer, you can often find good sales at your local sporting goods or running store, according to Time.

Vacuums and Cleaning Supplies

It’s time for spring cleaning, folks. Did you already check out my 8 spring cleaning tips? Anyway, April is a great time to find vacuums at lower prices, since the new models tend to hit stores in June. If you need other cleaning supplies, check out your local paper or online apps for stores near you who will definitely have sales this month, according to Daily Finance.

Small Kitchen Appliances

With wedding season right around the corner, a lot of retailers will start discounting their small appliances like coffee grinders, mixers and blenders in April, according to Daily Finance. Stock up now if you’re in the market for a new coffee pot, microwave, or other small kitchen appliances.

Winter Bedding

By now, you’ve probably moved your heavy comforter into the closet for storage, but if you’re in the market for new winter bedding, April is the month to score major deals. If you do have room to store winter bedding until next winter, you can get great deals on end-of-the-season bedding, according to Apartment Therapy.

Spa Treatments

Need a break from the kids or a little pampering? The twice-annual Spa Week is April 11-17. Spas near you will be offering great deals, so take advantage of it!

Indoor fitness equipment

Since a lot of people prefer to take their exercising outdoors when they can, April is a great time to purchase indoor fitness equipment on sale, according to Apartment Therapy. If you’ve been waiting to invest in a treadmill or elliptical, April is the month to find some sales.

Did I miss any other best things to buy in April?

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