Brow Bar Sunglasses

brow bar sunglassesThe Dior “So Real” brow bar sunglasses have been the most coveted shades for the past year. They are so popular, they have an entire Vogue story dedicated to them. I think they are really cool, but they are so stylized, I have a feeling they won’t be cool for that long.

When it comes to designer sunglasses, I try to stick with classic shapes and colors so I can wear them for several years. These purple suede Miu Miu’s were an exception for me, but only because I found them at a resale shop for well below retail price.

I personally couldn’t fathom spending over $600 on a pair of the Dior “So Real” brow bar sunglasses because I just don’t think the style has long-term staying power. If you want to get in on the trend without dropping an entire paycheck, I think these Romwe shades are such a great option at only $11! The Romwe version lets you experiment with a cool sunglasses trend while saving your pennies for something worth investing in (like a classic designer handbag!).

Dior – $595
Romwe – $11

What do you think of the brow bar sunglasses trend? Yay or nay?

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