5 Best Resale Shops in Phoenix

best resale shops in phoenix 01It may sound silly, but one of the reasons I was most excited to move back to Arizona is because Phoenix has some really great resale and consignment stores. This week’s outfit post is a perfect example of the best resale shops in Phoenix. Almost my entire look for the Gala I attended this past weekend came from resale and consignment shops.

I found out I was attending the Arizona Science Center’s annual Gala only four days before the event. My colleagues told me the event was black tie and that most women wear long dresses to the event. I literally haven’t worn a long dress since prom, almost 20 years ago, so I had to find one quickly. I headed to several different stores, but didn’t have much luck.

best resale shops in phoenix 03{Stacey’s Look: Ralph Lauren Dress (similar); Chanel Wallet on a Chain (similar); Fendi Shoes (similar); Macy’s Necklace (similar)}

Then I went to Last Chance – the mecca of lightly used resale – and there were hundreds of formal dresses, all for under $50. For a bit of background, Last Chance is a Nordstrom subsidiary. They are the step below Nordstrom Rack. Basically, Last Chance takes all the lightly used, returned, unsold or slightly damaged items from Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack and sells them for far below retail at Last Chance. It’s really hard to describe this store, but imagine racks stuffed full of high-end items, some with stains, others in perfect condition, bins filled with designer purses, walls and walls of high-end shoes.

best-resale-shops-in-phoenix-04Although I’ve found a lot of gems at Last Chance, it can also feel overwhelming. Many of their shoppers are aggressive and I’ve seen fights break out over Louboutins and Balenciagas in the past. Also, a lot of their shoppers are only there to find things they can resell on sites like eBay. But if you can stomach the often rowdy crowds, and digging through stained or worn merchandise to find the hidden gems, you can find some really killer deals at Last Chance.

Case in point, my Ralph Lauren evening gown. It is navy blue with ruching at the chest and was in perfect condition for $18. Seriously, $18! I paired it with a bright blue necklace from Macy’s  for a pop of color. I accessorized with a little silver Chanel wallet on a chain and sparkly Fendi shoes, both of which I found at Sister’s Closet, another one of my favorite resale shops in Phoenix. Let’s just say, I got both pieces for well over 75% off retail!

best-resale-shops-in-phoenix-02If you get the chance to visit Phoenix, you really must stop by Last Chance and Sister’s Closet. They are my favorite resale shops in Phoenix. There are some other great stores too, so here are the 5 best resale shops in Phoenix.

  1. Last Chance – I think of this as resale because most of the items are gently worn or have the slightest damage. There are plenty of brand new items too.
  2. My Sister’s Closet – They have several valley locations, but you can shop them online too! They often have high-end brands like Chanel, Dior, Gucci and Fendi, but they also sell a lot of middle of the road brands for really great prices.
  3. Buffalo Exchange – They also have several valley locations. Sometimes their items skew a little younger, but I’ve also found great items like Manolos and Schutz shoes here.
  4. Poor Little Rich Girl – This is a relative new-comer since I’ve been back in Phoenix. I’ve found some cute tops and dresses here from brands like BCBG Max Azria. I haven’t seen many ultra-high-end brands here, but I’ve still seen great options for resale.
  5. Smarty Pants – I just found this store a few months back when I was looking for some children’s resale options. This store is interesting because they sell everything from women’s to men’s to kid’s to furniture. I’ve had less luck buying here, but good luck with consigning items with them.

If you’re looking for great online options, check out this resale article. What’s the best resale deal you’ve scored?

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