Fall 2015 Makeup Trend: Berry Color

2015-fall-makeup-trend-berry-colorOne fall 2015 makeup trend that I can’t help but notice is the resurgence of berry colored lips and nails. It takes me back to the 90s, but I do like the trend every now and then. I’m currently obsessed with the Essie “In The Lobby” color because it feels so appropriate for fall. It is really dark, with almost a blackish undertone, but is still really luscious and rich.

If you’re interested in trying out the berry color for your lips, make sure to keep the rest of your makeup very clean and simple. Stick with nude eyeshadow and mascara. I personally only like to wear berry lips if I’m going out because I think it is too dramatic for daytime — it almost reads a bit goth. If you choose berry nails, keep your jewelry near your hands simple, as the nails are such a statement.

Here are some of my current favorite berry beauty products for fall. Will you try the berry fall 2015 makeup trend?

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