How Cool is the Fendi Monster?

how-cool-is-the-fendi-monsterThe Fendi Monster is iconic. Whether you like their furry monsters and bag bugs or not, they are a status symbol for the ultra cool and stylish. There has literally been a Fendi frenzy, with Kendall and Kylie out in front as Fendi’s informal (and formal!) models, regularly toting the little fur balls.

The Fendi Monsters and Bag Bugs have become so mainstream, you can hardly find street style photos that don’t feature one of these coveted Fendi pieces. They are so well-loved, I even found two IG profiles that featured Fendi Monster manicures (here and here)! That’s serious dedication, to a brand, to an idea.

Whether you like the monsters or not, it is impossible to deny they’ve taken fashion by storm.

To be completely honest, I’m on the fence about this iconic fashion trend. The thing I initially liked about this new direction for Fendi was that they found a way to have fun with fashion — to make something so seemingly silly, cool and coveted. I have to give them major props for their marketing and brand positioning.

I personally think it is utterly ridiculous to spend $3000 on a furry keychain, but I’m not Kendall Jenner. The outrageous cost aside, I actually love some of these furry friends. The magenta shoulder bag, with it’s angry eyes and fuzzy eyebrows falls somewhere between super chic and hilarious at the same time. Kind of like the muppets designed luxury handbags. I love that Fendi doesn’t take itself so seriously that they can add angry eyes and fur to a sweater, or bag, or shoes.

But then I also wonder, is the joke on us as consumers? Did they think, ‘what’s the most ridiculous thing we can do and still get people to buy it?’

I can’t be sure, but I know I would rock these pumps, this scarf, this purse, and several of the other items — not all at the same time, and not the bag charms (they are overdone IMO). But I am certain all of these pieces would be conversation starters, and isn’t that what good fashion is all about?

Pictured Above:

1. Sweater
2. Track Jacket
3. Pumps
4. Charm
5. Tote
6. Sneakers
7. Baguette
8. Sandals
9. Shoulder Bag
10. Jacket
11. Flats
12. Scarf

So what do you think of the Fendi monsters? Fashion faux-pas or trendsetting?

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