Carry On Beauty Essentials

carry on beauty essentialsI’ve been traveling a lot for work lately (my favorite travel pics on Instagram). I love that I get to visit some pretty cool cities, but having to pack up my stuff every other week feels annoying at times. To make packing more

To make packing more manageable, I’ve come up with a short list of carry on beauty essentials. All of these products fit into one small makeup bag, and never give me any trouble in the security line. I simply remove it from my suitcase, stick it in one of those gray bins, and it breezes right through security.

Here are my carry on beauty essentials and a little bit about why I love them.

A. Eye Liner – this black pencil eyeliner is my favorite. It’s the blackest black and stays on all day.
B. Eye Brow Pencil – this brow pencil helps shape and define my brows perfectly. I have a slight bald spot in my right brow, so I use tiny wisps to fill in that spot. The brush on the other end helps to blend the pencil if I get to heavy handed.
C. Concealer – I just love this creamy concealer. It is perfect for my under eyes and works equally well if I get a blemish on my chin and to hide the redness around my nose.
D. Mascara – This mascara gives me long and full lashes, and it’s a drugstore brand too!
E. Eye Shadow – Another drugstore brand, I love how these colors are neutral for daytime, but I can layer them on for darker look for night. Plus, the three colors in one palette give me variety and different combinations to try.
F. Eyelash Curler – The absolute best eyelash curler I’ve ever found. My eyelashes are fairly long, but they are stick straight. This curler works so well to give me that feminine curl in my lashes.
G. Blush – I love this coral cream blush on my olive skin tone. It gives me a nice flush, while still looking natural. It’s also buildable so you can make the blush more intense if you want. Sometimes, I add a dab to my lips too, just for a little extra color.
H. Tooth Paste – You know, fresh breath is a must, and whitening is a bonus.
I. Tooth Brush – Every travel bag needs one. I try to keep it in its original packaging so I don’t have to bring another container to keep it clean.
J. Face Cleanser – Remember how much I love oil face cleanser? Well, this one is my current favorite. It smells wonderful, removes makeup really well, and my skin feels clean but not dry when I’m done.
K. Moisturizer – I’m obsessed with having at least an SPF 30. I like this one because it’s oil free and gives me enough moisture before I apply my makeup.
L. Deodorant – I love the smell and it keeps me feeling (and smelling) fresh all day.

I hope my shortlist of carry on beauty essentials helps you pare down your own travel beauty arsenal. What do you think of my list? Any products you can’t travel without that I should know about?!

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