Why You Should Use Oil Face Cleansers

oil facial cleanersI was as skeptical as you. I definitely thought oil face cleansers would make my combination skin oilier, shinier, and make me break out. I had no real basis for my beliefs, other than I just thought it seemed wrong to add oil when I’m trying to remove oil. You know what I mean?

But I’ve seen so many publications touting the benefits of oil face cleansers, so I wanted to see if their advice held weight. To be honest with you, I read numerous beauty articles about the benefits of oil face cleansers, but I was still a bit skeptical.

Two things changed my mind. One – Even my gentle facial cleanser felt drying, especially in the winter. Two – I wanted something more natural. Three — I started using Julep’s Bare Face (c/o Fitness Magazine’s Fit Blog LA). I couldn’t believe how well it cleaned my face. Makeup, gone. And no oily residue.

I can totally understand your hesitation to try oil face cleansers, but here are the four reasons you should give it a try.

Benefits of an Oil Face Cleanser

1. Effective Makeup Remover

Oil cleansers easily and effectively remove makeup, even stubborn eye makeup.

2. Gentle

Harsh cleansers strip your skin of its natural oil, which can leave you dry, or lead your skin to produce too much oil. Oil cleansers don’t contain harsh chemicals and are gentle. They actually calm and balance your skin.

3. Natural Ingredients

Oil facial cleansers are more natural, without harsh chemicals. Many chemicals, like parabens, can be hard on your skin and dry it out. Oil cleaners are more calming and moisturizing because they don’t strip the skin of its natural oils.

4. Works for all Skin Types

Even if you have oily or acne-prone skin, oil cleansers can work well for you too. Oil cleansers remove only oily residue, dirt and debris, leaving your natural oils in tact.

Which Oil Face Cleanser For Your Skin Type?

Oily Skin – choose a cleanser with botanical amino acids to gently remove excess sebum. (Try Boscia)
Dry Skin – any should work, since you need the hydration from the oil. (Try Josie Maran)
Combination Skin – safflower oil is great for both cleansing and hydrating. (Try Bareminerals)
Sensitive Skin – choose a soothing formula with olive oil, which prevents irritation. (Try DHC)

Do you used oil-based beauty products? Have you tried an oil face cleanser yet?


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