Eye on Etsy: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Etsy-Mother's-day-gift-ideasWhat are you getting your mom this Mother’s Day? In case you are looking for unique gifts, I’ve come up with ten Etsy Mother’s Day gift ideas.

For a lot of people, Mother’s Day means buying flowers and a card. As a child, I always preferred making my mom’s cards. I remember making a few wonky presents as well—like a paper box covered in padded shiny ivory quilting material with a pink paper heart on top. (It was hideous, but she loved it).

Even from a young age, I knew making something felt more thoughtful and special. Putting in the extra effort to pick out a unique gift has the same meaningful feeling of a handmade gift. That is what I love about Etsy. You may not have the time or the skills to make something by hand, but the gifts you can find on Etsy are just that: thoughtful, unique, creative and special.

I can’t get over how many talented designers Etsy houses. Check out the ten Etsy Mother’s day gift ideas that would be perfect for any mom this mother’s day (and for new moms).

  1. Chocolate Hearts – $17
  2. Modern Family Tree Art – $22
  3. IPad Sleeve – $30
  4. Messenger Bag – $145
  5. Mom Dish – $26
  6. Liberty Print Pillows – $83
  7. Love Journal – $20
  8. Porcelain Mug – $35
  9. Nesting Bowls – $68
  10. Planter Trio – $30

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