Practical or Posh? Floral Print Pumps

floral_pumps_PoP_WPFloral Print Pumps

Spring is probably the last thing on most people’s minds right now, as most of the U.S. is experiencing a very harsh winter. Winter wardrobes usually feature a lot of dark colors and heavy textures, which can start to feel too bundled up and drab. If you are feeling dragged down by your winter wardrobe, adding colors and prints can introduce some spring into your wardrobe a few months early.

Floral prints are always hot for spring, and 2014 is no exception, with florals dominating the runways. Floral print pumps are the perfect way to add both bright colors and a bold pattern.  Plus, if you are gun-shy about wearing a floral print, adding it in your shoes is a great way to elevate your wardrobe without feeling overwhelming.

I found two great floral print pumps, on the left, Ivanka Trump for $52 and to the right, Manolo Blahnik for $655. The major discrepancy in price comes down to shoe construction, craftsmanship, the brand name, and quality of materials. Also, Manolo’s version is part of Neiman Marcus’ Made-to-Order Blahnik BB Boutique. Both options feature bold floral prints, bright colors, are constructed with satin and leather, and have 4 inch heels.

Either way you choose, both options will add a fun splash of color and interesting print to your shoe wardrobe, while bringing spring into your closet a couple months early. Do you like the floral print trend for spring? Would you rock floral print pumps?


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