How to Find the Best Concealer for Your Face

How to find your best concealerFinding  the best concealer for your face can be arduous, but it doesn’t have to be. With a few simple rules and guidelines, it’s not just easy, but fun. I’ll walk you through these rules and how I applied them to products I tested.

1. Determine if you need foundation or concealer.

If you want to cover more than just minor imperfections and create an even all-over base, you probably want a foundation. A concealer, however, is for covering dark circles, blemish marks or scars. Although both can be used together, I don’t like the heaviness of an all-over foundation, so I opt for a concealer only. A tinted moisturizer, like a BB cream, might be another option in lieu of foundation.

This past year, I’ve realized I need to expand my concealer coverage to the under eye region. Maybe it’s being a new mom, or maybe its just the loss of fat in my face with weight loss, but I’ve noticed dark circles emerging for the first time.

The dark circles prompted me to start searching for the perfect concealer that would work under my eyes as well as on minor skin flaws on the rest of my face.

2. First, visit department store make-up counters or beauty stores with samples.

Instead of buying a product only to realize it is the wrong color or doesn’t provide the right coverage, visit your department store make-up counter first. Makeup counters and stores that provide samples can help eliminate the potentially expensive trial and error process of discovering what works best for you. Drugstores are most appropriate and convenient once you know what you want and just need to stock up quickly.

Sephora is my go-to makeup store because they have many products and brands in one place. They also have samples and tester products so you can try them on in the store, or take home a sample to try on your own. By all means, go shopping and find the right store for you.

3. Decide what type of applicator you like.

How do you want to apply a product to your face? There are tons of different types of applicators including: pencils, pots, jars, compacts, bottles, brushes, and sticks. Some options require makeup brushes or sponges, while others you can apply with your fingers or the applicator itself.

My personal preference is a product that is easy to apply: no mess, no brush and no sponge.

4. Choose the proper formulation and texture for your face.

General rule: formulation and applicator go hand-in-hand. If you prefer a more solid formula, it will probably come in a stick or pencil form, for example. But, as with applicators, formulations and textures of concealers vary a lot.

When it comes to concealers, I prefer a light texture that glides on my skin seamlessly and has more of a matte finish.

5. Determine your level of coverage

Depending on what you are trying to camouflage, you will need to choose between light, medium or full coverage. Once you determine these three things, next you need to try all of the different types of concealer that offer what you want. Every company offers a range of colors so finding a perfect match will require some trial and error.

When I use concealer, I want a medium to full coverage for my imperfections, but it must not look cakey and it needs to last all day.

With these rules in place, I tested the follow six top-rated concealers:

  1. Boi-ing by Benefit Boi-ing by Benefit
  2. Clinique Line Smoothing ConcealerClinique Line Smoothing Concealer
  3. Erase Paste by Benefiterase paste by benefit
  4. Marc Jacobs Beauty Remedy Concealer Penmarc jacobs beauty concealer pencil
  5. Nars Concealernars concealer
  6. Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer PencilDecay 24-7 Concealer PencilWhat concealer works best for you?  Are there other brands I should try?

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